When I Step Into the Light

My new “secret” blog is here. I have a Livejournal but it’s mostly to post childish thoughts and ideas amongst my guy friends. No one really writes about anything important. A few factors are pushing me to launch this blog.

1. After reading another journal on wordpress I was reminded about how I used to write and I missed it terribly.

2. I want a place to vent and remain relatively anonymous. Basically, my guy friends would just call me gay and tell me to post about sports. So this shall become my outlet for all things anger, sadness, and emo-related.

3. A lot has change in my personal life and I definitely need to let out my frustrations somewhere.

Have no worry though – this space will not just be for “woe is me” moments. It is a work in progress, so bear with me…


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4 responses to “When I Step Into the Light

  1. sadkjaHSHJG!!! Extremely Witty! Here you are! I’m so excited!! Welcome welcome welcome. And yes, please post lots of emo things, I love the emos.

  2. Extremely Witty – I love it, it’s so Dear Abby, like “Lonely in LA” or “Horny in Houston.”
    Emo posts are on the way! Suggestions on blog names, nicknames, and style are always welcome. I’m still a WordPress virgin, so I need all the help I can get. I just ask that you be gentle…

  3. shorty


    i missed this.

  4. Thanks! It missed you too. Now get your own journal to entertain me

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