The Shade of Poison Trees

In keeping with my underground theme to this journal, I will only use nicknames for all guilty parties who have the dishonor of being blathered about here. I cannot take full credit for this awesome nickname idea however. Credit belongs to Flirty McBlogsalot…or maybe its Bloggy McFlirtsalot…I haven’t decided. It’s still a work in progress, just like I hope the nickname she bestowed on me is.

I realize this all sounds very Grey’s Anatomy, but I swear it is unrelated. I have been doing the “Adjective-ending-in-‘y’-followed-by-McSomething-or-other” bit for years. In fact, this phenomena has been going on since about 2002 when a friend said: “What’s wrong Hangy McHangoverieston?” to me after a long night of drinking. That friend then giggled for about half an hour because they mistakenly said “Ovaries”. That friend shall remain nickname-less for the time being.

I think my name may be completely unheard of in the South…or at least viewed as sacrilegious. No one has ever made a big deal out of my name (despite my best efforts), but since I moved here so many people make comments about it.
“Who named you that?” and “Oh, and are you one?” are just a sampling. It’s strange. You would think my n name was Catholic or Jew. I love Southerners, but they are creepinme out with this name thing.

In addition to Christmas Day, I was lucky enough to get December 24th off as well. I didn’t even ask for it, which makes it even cooler. So, I have been looking at flights for a quick trip so I can see my family this year, but they are all so damn expensive. If I wasn’t about to break my lease, move into my own apartment and incur all the expenses that go along with those events, it may be more doable.

The Blackberry Storm comes out this Friday. I want.

I was walking my puppy the other day and it was DEAD quiet around the complex except for the slight wind blowing through the leafs. It was amazing. A ton of orange/red leaves were raining down around me and the pup. I love the fall. I can’t wait to get a new camera (finally) so I can take pictures of the incredible sights down here.

Okay, it’s emo time. For those not in the know – I am newly single. Although the term “hopelessly single” is more appropriate. The Ex and I broke up after months of issues. To keep it simple, we just lost the spark. I was willing to fight through it, she became fed up and ended it.

Sure break-ups suck, but this one has been rough. Neither of us is mad at the other so its hard to move on. We also have an apartment (and dog) together. Yea…

We are in the process of finding separate places but it is definitely putting a strain on our minds, hearts, and wallets. We don’t see each other much anymore as we have different work schedules and we try to keep busy with friends and errands when we could be home together.

Another big issue is the fact that about two-three weeks after breaking up, I start realizing there is some dude…um we’ll call him…Weasel McDoucheBag…WHAT? I AM being mature about this! Shut up.

Anyway, I notice Weasel McDoucheBagis constantly calling/texting The Ex. I also find out they are hanging out A LOT. Granted, it’s usually with a group, but still. After I realize this, a whole bunch of issues/arguments are spawned from it, which I will bore you with later.

The real reason I bring it up is because I want to know if I am being too much of a guy in the following situation. Is my ego getting in the way? Or do you all agree?

The Ex tells me the other day that Weasel McDoucheBag’s brother is supposedly a lawyer and he can help us get out of paying our Lease Termination fee. Now, if true, this would save me a nice chunk of change that I need. However, I completely refused to let her get McDoucheBag’s brother to help us. The Ex informs me I will never have to meet either guy and it would definitely help us out. I still refuse. I get heated and claim I’d rather pay the full termination fee by myself that accept his or his brother’s help. I later regret part of that last sentence.

Am I being stupid? Put yourself in my situation – would you want the help?

i haz a sad in mai hart place


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4 responses to “The Shade of Poison Trees

  1. shorty

    we’re in a recession. just take the help.

    on the other hand, flirty mcblogsalot can tell you a lot about trying to use lawyer friends to get out of leases. it usually ends in bad…. bad badness. read her earlier posts. you might want to just pay the fee.

  2. That’s another reason I really don’t want the help. I love the apt and don’t want something crappy to occur.I just feel this is an impossible situation – either I pay extra money or get help from him (shudder).

  3. i haz a blog name!! awww… i LOVE Bloggy McFlirtsalot. Although I kinda wish I was Weasel McDoucheBag…

  4. No one wishes to be Weasel McDoucheBag. Bloggy McFlirtsalot is waaaaay better.

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