Higher Education

Nothing destroys the ego more than UConn’s Alumni magazine. This is the most depressing piece of literature you will ever read. There are a bunch of photos featuring young, excited students who are having the time of their lives at various campus activities. Their eyes are full of joy and complete ignorance to what lies ahead. They have no idea that life after college sucks. Being an adult is extremely overrated.

I am so jealous of anyone who still has the pleasure to be in college. The photo showing a group of students at at soccer game reminded me of all the times I went to a sporting event (as a fan and for the radio station). I always had a great time at the game and my time was made even better knowing that the game would be followed by a night of partying with friends or playing video games with the guys.

As of that wasn’t bad enough, the most recent issue featured the “Top 40 Alumni Under 40” – or as I liked to call it “Just a Small Sampling of the People that Went to the Same Damn School As You and are Doing So Much Better In their Professional Lives Than You. Not To Mention They Are in Fields that They Love.” I graduated three (soon to be four) years ago and I have done jack shit with my life. I have a job I hate and no one respects, I have no idea how I could even weasel my way back into the fields I like at this point, and I have made no difference in this world.

This depressing magazine continued to beat me up as I approached the last tormenting pages. The Alumni Update alerts you to all the awesome things other Alums are up to. Mostly it features job promotions, marriage announcements, and of course news of children being born. This section isn’t so bad until I get to my classmates section and once again see how far others are with their professional AND personal lives.

I should do myself a favor and just throw this thing out the next time it comes in.


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4 responses to “Higher Education

  1. shorty


    kill me now. and i’m not even 4 years deep. i’m about 4 months deep. kill. me. now.

  2. oh buck up you two. at least you have a sweet blog. well, witty does… shorty ain’t got anything but me. but that’s something!!

    ps- just kidding shorts. you da bomb. both of you are.

  3. Well at least she graduated in ’89 when you were like 3. That’s not as bad as when I read a kid who graduated in ’07 is already a principal at an Elementary School.

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