A Dream So Real



Without explaining it (although some of you are already familiar with it), what do you think of this as a tattoo? Is it too girly? Would it look all right on a guy?

I would rather it be colored-in, but you get the idea.


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7 responses to “A Dream So Real

  1. shorty

    is that like… a skeletal version of her?

    i’ve seen this as a tattoo, but i think not quite like this. my only opinion is that if you want it, do it.

    and then give me some of that money you must have so i can go get another one too.

  2. A skeletal version of who?

    I don’t know if I want it, but my next tattoo won’t be for a while because I’m poor.

  3. shorty

    the fire dancer, obviously. but after i posted that i realized it just looks like a ribcage cuz it’s just a black outline version. anyway. boo being poor.

  4. hmmm it is so interesting but also scares me a little bit. but i like!

  5. Hahaha judging by the comments left, the response has been poor. Everyone said something nice and followed it with a “but”

  6. i do like it! but i’m not sure what i would think if i saw it on a guy.

    where were you planning on getting it (body location)?


  7. I love the symbol, but I don’t know how it would look on a guy. I have two or three I’m debating between. I already have one on my shoulder, so my next one would have to go somewhere on my ribcage (side), arm, foot or balls.

    Probably not the balls though.

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