I live out of a suitcase

My blog is nowherere near as witty and interesting as Bloggy McFlirtsalot and for that, I am sorry. Who am I apologizing to? My audience, that’s who – Bloggy and Shorty. Yea, my blog is still kinda “underground,” which is just another way of saying its uber-hip.

1. I went apartment hunting today. Usually this is a fun and exciting task. However, searching for a new place to live by yourself because your relationship just ended is somewhat depressing. It doesn’t help when every person who showed me an apartment asked why I was breaking my current lease. </emoness>

2. The Blackberry Storm launched on Friday and it was a crazy day. We were really busy and even had some freaks lined up outside our store at 7 am. Jerks. The phone is pretty sweet, but totally not worth showing up at Verizon Wireless before the sun rises.

3. I had Sunday off so I was able to partake in my favorite Fall activities – watching football in a bar/restaurant all day with friends. Usually we go to Buffalo Wild Wings or a similar place, but this time we opted for Mellow Mushroom. It’s a cool semi-chain pizza restaurant for hippies. They have all sorts of pizzas, calzones, salads and random snacks. The main draw for us was their so-called “Beer Club.” They have over 150 beers in their bar upstairs and if you would like to embrace your inner lush, you can join the beer club. You are given a swipe card that is swiped after every visit to the restaurant and every beer you tried is recorded. Once you have tried 50 different beers you get a hat (yippie!) and after the 100th beer you get a t-shirt, your own mug and a spot of their plaque. Who says I don’t have goals?
Needless to say, I only have 95 beers to go!

4. I came back to my apartment after another Giants victory to watch the disappointing 24 “movie.” I can’t wait for the real season to start. This two-hour crapfest did not feel like the show at all and I didn’t really like it.

5. My Thanksgiving should be slightly awkward and super fun at the same time. I will be spending it with the Ex, The All-American (friend from home who moved to near-by Charlotte), maybe one of the Ex’s girl friends, and my pup.

6. My mom found a (relatively) cheap flight home for Christmas! I quickly purchased the flight and I am very excited to say that I will not be missing the best holiday ever this year. I will fly home late on the 23rd and return to the Low Country Christmas night.


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7 responses to “I live out of a suitcase

  1. mmm I think your blog is just fine. Have you joined 20-something bloggers yet??

    and I didn’t peg you for the football type… writing and football… how diverse your interests are, witty!

  2. I have not joined the 20-something bloggers. Tell me more…

    You will discover through future journals, there’s more to me than just football and writing…maybe

  3. J

    lol at “/emoness”

    is what that was supposed to say.

  4. Horray! J is here! Love/miss your face

  5. twenty something bloggers is only the most happenin’ blog community in the WORLD. iz in muh blogroll. check it out, sign up, be my friend. done and done.

  6. I am signed up, but awaiting approval. How elitest!

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