A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

I hope you all had an awesome Turkey Day. It truly is one of the best holidays. I had a great time despite the one glaring circumstance. But even that didn’t bring me down. I will update once the hell that is the weekend after Thanksgiving is complete. I hope the suspense doesn’t kill you.


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4 responses to “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

  1. well, thanks it IS killing me. I need to know this circumstance you speak of!

    glad you had a good holiday despite that, though!

  2. circumstance = celebrating with the Ex

  3. shorty

    circumstance also = shorty celebrating with all his bffs while he is stuck in the lowcountry. yowza.

    let’s play over christmas now that you’ve found that cheap flight?

  4. Yea, that made my heart place hurt. I miss(ed) you guys so much.

    Hell yea. I’m home late 23rd and flying out 25th. So really I only have the 24th to play. I am going to movies with TG during the early afternoon and I should be free and I totally want to hang.

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