b e t h i s

…is going to force me to retire from the blog world. I was just beginning to find my stride and then she writes the blog of all blogs. My life is so boring right now that I could not touch her latest entry. Anything I planned to write will be utterly boring in comparison. My ego haz been shamed.


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4 responses to “b e t h i s

  1. LIES! Your name is not Extremely Witty for nothing! I mean, my recent scandal did make for a good read, I admit. But I am a LOT needing to read more about your life. Oblige me, plz? How about this, go on my About and click on the 101 things about me and fill that out about yourself, k thnks bye.

  2. You are quite demanding Bloggy. First you command me join 20sb and now this? Lucky for you your LOLspeak has won me over and this 101 things about me piece will be completed at some point.

  3. shorty

    i must say, beth’s recent post is VERY reminiscent of witty’s early… early… EARLY posts of years past. you’ve got it in you, you just need to get your groove back.

    i think you need to mention 1ohh1 as your 101. just saying. too good. you probably already thought of that and i stole the thunder with that premature mention. HA.

  4. First of all you basically just called me a slut. Second of all I always secretly coded my journals in regards to my sluttiness.

    My 1oooh1 list is going to be phenomenal no matter what.

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