Liar (It Takes One To Know One) aka We’re all choir boys…at best

Thanksgiving was a much needed break from work and some well-deserved memories were made. And an entertaining situation has evolved from my night out at the bars. But we’ll get to that.

Wednesday – The All-American arrived in Charleston (from the other Carolina) around 8ish and we immediately caught up over beers and sports on TV. Us males are creatures of habit.
After discussing possible destinations to continue our drinking, conversing and sports watching, the All-American decided Mellow Mushroom and its irresistible beer club would be ideal. After the most amazing parellel-parking job I’ve ever completed, we arrived at the Mushroom and its mellow atmosphere. We headed to the bar, signed him up for the beer club and started picking random beers to our list. I opted for a beer called Purple Haze and immediately regretted the decision. The beer was berry flavored and I could feel what little masculinity I have left attempting to flee my body.
We had a great time trying out different beers, talking about just about everything and eventually getting in contact with our friends from home who were seemingly all together at a bar in the E-Double-L. It was refreshing to hear some of my friends drunken voices, but also frustrating. I miss them all so much.
The highlight was when Shorty (and my Partner in Crime put their phones together so the All-American and I could talk to each other. They did not realize we were right next to each other. Sigh. My friends are not always so smart…
Side note – I need a different nickname for Shorty, this does not work for me

After the Mushroom closed its doors, the All-American and I went to the ultimate guy bar – Halligan’s. This place has a ton of TVs, pool tables, and a mini bowling alley. Obviously, we immediately grabbed some Bud Light Bottles and took over the bowling alley.

This is where the unforeseen entertaining situation began to unfold.

After our first game, I retreated to the bar for another round. When I returned two girls and a guy had taken over one of the lanes, which forced me and the All-American to share a lane instead of bowling next to each other. At one point, I grabbed one of the bowling balls and the girl next to me says in a joking tone “Hey! I was gonna use that ball!” I apologized and offered her the ball and a little give and take ensued. It was just some playful joking around. The stupid joke continued a couple more times and eventually real converstion followed. The girls were nice to talk to and I didn’t really talk to the guy that much. I wasn’t attracted to either of the girls or anything like that, but it was nice to just joke around with some new people. It gave me confidence that I can still go out and make new friends. The night ended, we all went our separate ways and I figured that was that.

Thanksgiving arrives and I awake to a facebook message. It’s from one of the girls from the night before. I have absolutely no idea how the hell she found me. I only gave her my first name (I think) so I was quite surprised. Anyway, I responded and we would send messages to each other on and off throughout the next few days. Eventually she says “Hey, you know, you can always text me if you want to” and gives me her number. I tell her thanks for the number and I will probably text her the next time I’m at that bar and we should all hang out. I give her my number soon after.

About an hour ago she texted me and has been chatting me up ever since.

So now I’m kinda confused. People usually don’t know move from “bar friends” to texting/facebook friends within a couple days. I’m just being nice because I like the new friendship, but I’m afraid maybe she’s looking for something more? But then about 15 mins ago she asks if I want the other girl’s number too. Iz confused. What exactly is going on here? I have a feeling this may make for some entertaining blogs in the future…


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7 responses to “Liar (It Takes One To Know One) aka We’re all choir boys…at best

  1. uhm DEFINITELY looking for something more. this girl wants you, Witty! hell ya! so here is what you do: date her anyway even if you don’t like her for our entertainment. DIFTB (Do It For The Blog).

  2. wait a second, that was a demand as well! What the hell is with me and bossy you around?! Why do I love it so much!?

    I don’t know the answer. Tell me the answer!

  3. She invited me to the movies tonight with the other girl…I think I’m going to skip this one so as not to send signals…

    I wish I knew the answer! Uze bosseh! And yet I continue to do what you tell me! Why do I constantly listen to you? I don’t know that answer.

  4. shorty

    we knew you and all-american were together. duh. we were just being HILARIOUS.

  5. J

    FINALLY this blog is getting juicy. i agree. keep talking to this girl. DIFTB… love it.

  6. Sounds like we had similar weekends. Well, I met a guy, not a girl, at a bar and the next morning I found out he had requested to be my facebook friend! He must have done some serious late-night FB stalking to figure that out!

  7. Abby – Thanks for stopping by and commenting! We must just be so super charming and awesome that people we meet rush home to scour facebook for our profiles!

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