A lesson in procrastination and self-glorification

1. I’m 25 (ugh) 

2. I’ve lived in Charleston, South Carolina since July 2007.

3. Before that, I lived in Ellington (1983-2001; 2005-2007) and Storrs, CT (2001-2005).

4. I double-majored in Journalism and Sports Communications.

5. I temped at ESPN for a 9 months after college, but am now wasting away at Verizon Wireless.

6. While at UConn, I worked for the radio station, newspaper, and tv station. I did play-by-play for UConn basketball and football games, played music, ran a sports show, and wrote a column throughout my time there. These are some of my best memories.

7. I am currently working towards my MBA through the University of Phoenix. I am on pace to finish this May (2009).

8. I have a puppy named Maggie. She is pretty much the love of my life despite her constant misbehaving.

9. I am incredibly insecure and also have a huge ego. I’m pretty much a big contradiction in all facets of my life.

10. I have one tattoo but desperately want more.

11. I played football for about 10 years.

12. I’ve wore a breast cancer awareness bracelet almost every day for the last three years.

13. My family is the single greatest collection of people in history.

14. I have a younger brother who is just like me – except smarter, better looking, stronger, and morally sound.

15. The dave matthews band is by far my favorite band of all time. I’ve seen them in concert almost 20 times. It’s quite obsessive.

16. I love taking showers, but they have to be insanely hot.

17. I HAVE to have a fan running while I sleep. Running water and dryers have the same effect but aren’t as cost effective.

18. I suffer from an anxiety disorder which affects just about every single day of my life. My issues most closely resemble agoraphobia. I definitely need to see a doctor/psychologist, but my issues make it hard for me to do that. It’s a vicious cycle. More on this in a later journal…

19. The apartment I had during my junior and senior year of college was a nonstop party. The apartment number was 101, but we called it 1ooooh1.

20. I fear nothing will ever top the memories I made from Summer 2001-Summer 2004.

21. My old escapades not only entertained my friends, but also their parents. Here is a small sampling of quotes from my friends’ mothers.
“Um..I got in a fight” – me

“With what? A vaccum cleaner?” – Mrs. G

”Hey guys, there is mud pie upstairs and lots of whipped cream…Don’t even think about it Christian!” – Mrs. S.

“Everytime I see you you’re either harassing the cat, provoking Amanda to fight or doing God knows what with some girl” – Mrs. S

“Why are you trying to set them up? Does he need girls in every state or something!?” – (the other) Mrs. G

22. I hate spiders and snakes. They creep me the hell out.

23. I love zoos and aquariums.

24. I have been to 25 states and have a goal to visit the remaining 25. My favorite cities so far – Charleston, San Diego, and New Orleans.

25. Two girls have told me I remind them of Ryan Gosling. Clearly, these girls had a vision problem.

26. The Giants winning the Super Bowl was one of the greatest moments of my life.

27. The most serious injury I’ve ever sustained was a concussion in 1998. It occurred during football practice. I don’t remember anything except waking up in the ambulance.

28. I once had ringside seats for a UFC fight because I was a member of the press. I wrote an article with my Partner in Crime for the website Fightnews.org. PiC’s uncle wrote boxing articles for the site but didn’t want to do UFC fights so he let us go.

29. I ate alligator when I was in New Orleans.

30. Good grammar and verbosity are turn-ons.

31. I have a problem obeying speed limits. I’m actually not allowed to drive in the state of New York.

32. Anytime I am in New York City, I have to get White Castle.

33. My most prized possession is the Bible my grandfather carried with him throughout World War II.

34. I hate being called “Chris.”

35. I could sleep about 15 hours a day.

36. I LOVE hoodies.

37. I’ve always wanted to get a surface piercing but always back out because I think it may look stupid…or I would somehow seriously injure myself down the line.

38. I used to write poems/compositions CONSTANTLY. I haven’t even attempted one since 2004 though.

39. I once made out with twin sisters within 5 minutes of each other. They had no idea until the next day. Two years later I made out with their little sister. My guy friends think this is awesome. My girl friends think this is gross. I fall somewhere in the middle.

40. I have a couple better stories than that one though.

41. For the most part I hate guys. I don’t like meeting new guys, I generally ignore them and get along with girls so much better.

42. I have known my best friend since 1st grade. We’ve been best friends ever since – that’s pushing 20 years.

43. Boxers. Although I went through a commando phase.

44. I have never been in a fight, but have been close on a couple of occasions.

45. My favorite game to play with people I have just met is the Question Game. Everyone has probably played it, but it’s when you just ask each other a bunch of random questions.

46. Lobsters and crab legs are totally worth the work it is to eat them.

47. My favorite restaurant is Taco Boy, which is on Folly Beach (SC). Main reason? Fish Tacos and Tecate.

48. I once owned an acoustic guitar, but I had no idea how to play anything. I just liked to hold it while listening to music.

49. Christmas is my favorite holiday.

50. I hate shaving and love growing out my facial hair when I can.

51. Sumtimez I liks to speek in lolspeek. Iz kool.

52. I once went to the Foxy Lady in Providence for a bachelor party and I was surprisingly the most well-behaved member of our group.

53. I didn’t drink in high school. I made up for lost time…

54. I despise mornings.

55. I had a “celebrity” crush on Cara from Real World Chicago. Soon after the season ended, she was at UConn and I got to meet her at the TV station I was working at. It was glorious.

56. My favorite drink is a Tom Collins. I always get weird looks when I order it. I generally just drink beer though.

57. When I went to Canada with my family, my dad tried to teach me a lesson about how quickly you can lose money in a casino. He gave me $20 bucks and told me to go see how fast it went. I won $150 on a slot machine about 15 minutes later. Lesson was lost on me.

58. I think it’s funny when white people get all uneasy when they try to describe a black person. Some people apparently believe calling a black person “black” is racist.

59. Although I never eat breakfast, it has been scientifically proven that it consists of the greatest foods.

60. I love kids….for about 15 minutes and then they kinda lose their luster and become rather annoying.

61. Albums I could listen to all the way through without skipping any tracks:
Dave Matthews Band – Before These Crowded Streets and any of their live albums
Third Eye Blind – Self-Titled
Blink-182 – Self-Titled or The Mark, Tom, and Travis Show
Brand New – Deja Entendu

62. I should spend so much more time outside than I currently do.

63. I should also work out.

64. I almost always wear a hat when I go out. Sadly, a lot of Charleston bars have a no hat rule. Apparently, only gang members wear hats or the bars are so classy their patrons can not be seen with a hat on.

65.  Although I love their clothes, American Eagle annoys the crap out of me. Everything has a gigantic eagle or the company name emblazoned across the entire article of clothing.

66. I am not a fan of organized religions, but consider myself some kind of Christian-Deist hybrid.

67. I’m jealous of people who know their family heritage. I know very little about my family’s past.

68. Craiglist is like a train wreck. Sometimes I just have to go there and check out the crazy things people post on there.

69. When I’m sad, I like to sleep.

70. There is nothing better than tailgating at a football game.

71. Muhammad Ali may be the coolest person that ever lived.

72. Anytime I get Chinese food I order Roast Pork Lo Mein

73. I love rocking chairs.

74. I rub my nose way too much.

75. I’m a sucker for Ben & Jerry’s.

76. Zaxby’s is the greatest restaurant you’ve never heard of.

77. I don’t want to get married in a church. I want it to be outside. I know I will have zero say on this matter however.

78. The toes next to my big toes are longer than my big toes. Someone told me this meant I was going to be famous someday. That person was incorrect.

79. I still have my favorite childhood stuffed animal.

80. Steak and mashed potatoes may be the best meal in history.

81. If I could have a superpower, it would be the ability to stop time.

82. I hate Massachusetts.

83. I also hate that people can smoke in bars in most towns down here. Thankfully, Charleston bars are off limits.

84. Even though I’m a guy, I couldn’t care any less about cars, tools, and building things.

85. I’m stubborn.

86. I hate losing at anything.

87. I missed my last college final because I got too drunk the night before and slept right through it. I somehow still passed.

88. I took an astronomy class and a course about dinosaurs in college because they seemed like they would be fun and exciting. I was incredibly wrong.

89. Is it wrong that when I just found out the Ex has mono, that I immediately hoped I would get it so I could go on short term disability from work?

90. I am contemplating buying a Mac.

91. Although I like coffee, I think tea may be better.

92. I simultaneously love and hate the human race.

93. Two weirdest places I’ve done it – golf course on the green and a laundry room.

94. I think the Spanish language can sound hot sometimes.

95. I wish I knew Spanish.

96. I own a skateboard but have only ridden it like 4 times.

97. I get weird obsessions and then tire of them. I go through tons of phases. Hence the acoustic guitar and skateboard stories.

98. I’m pretty easy-going and I try to make my life as relaxing as possible.

99. However I don’t like speaking to anyone for the first couple hours of my day.

100. I am definitely a night owl.

101. I have awful handwriting.


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10 responses to “A lesson in procrastination and self-glorification

  1. shorty

    3. woot woot!

    6. then do these things again.

    14. possibly true.

    17. beth too!!!

    20. doubtful

    21. i have a feeling i was involved in a few of these. i
    know i was involved in at least one.

    25. hahahahaha

    27. i was going to say “go roadrunners!”… but then
    remembered you were in high school at this point.

    29. they serve alligator at little mark’s in vernon. get with the times.

    31. neither is matt!!

    35 & 36. yes and yes


    39. …. i think i am also in the middle on this one. i laughed really loud at least.

    43. you sure did.

    44. remember the Almost Fight of you and jeff vs. matt and nick? a fond memory of mine.

    47. i want!!!

    55. i remember this also. you had pictures of her in your room. creep.

    60. yuck.

    62 & 63. agreed and agreed

    78. there’s still time.

    80. nom.

    81. when the world stops dead.

    87. typical.

    89. no.

    90. yes.

    94. i hate spanish.

    101. you do.

    good list! i laughed, i cried, i greatly enjoyed.

  2. Great responses! I laughed, I cried….actually I mostly cried because some of your responses were mean.

  3. ahhhh. ah. ahhh. ah. this was fantastical. i too laughed and cried a lot.

    we actually sound like the exact.same.person.

    except for me you would need to go in and change every place you say “football” to “reading”.

  4. Another demand has been met your majesty. Why is everyone crying!?

    We do seem to be a lot alike. Perhaps we were separated at birth? Like three years apart, but none the less…

    So if football was the only thing that sets us apart, does that mean you made out with twin sisters too?

  5. and their little sister, don’t forget!

    play on playa.

  6. I loved this list! I’m working on mine NOW

  7. 25. Two girls have told me I remind them of Ryan Gosling

    let me be the judge of that one! 😉

  8. courtney – perhaps, in time 😉

  9. alright, so i’ve already read this, but i’ve got some questions/comments now:

    #1 – grandpa. 😉
    #10 – where/what is your tattoo?
    #15 – i love dmb’s “crush”.
    #16 – i also love extremely hot showers– almost to the burning point. but i looove it.
    #21 – hahahah.
    #22 – i once called my sister’s best friend who lived 3 blocks away to kill a spider.
    #27 – are you sure that’s what the concussion was from? because i specifically remember a different story…
    #46 – eew.
    #79 – awww, which is…?
    #99 – me either.
    #101 – everyone says that about their own handwriting.

    i obviously got bored.


  10. 1. You love grandpas
    10. It is on my left shoulder blade. It’s two interwined letters. The letters represent the two sides of my family
    27. Hush now!
    79. It’s a dog in a fireman-type outfit. Appropriately enough, his name is Firedog.

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