He tastes like you, but sweeter

So, sometimes I get really bored with my life and imagine doing something wildly entertaining to break up the monotony. These ideas vary, but generally involved me trying to get rich quick.  However my thoughts due not always involve by inevitable riches.

I’ve debated starting websites, starting a charity of some sort (no joke), winning the lottery (I soon learned it’s out of my control…sad day), learning how to play an instrument, learning how to skateboard (that quarter-life crisis lasted about 1 week…although I want to get back out there soon), starting to running again, and selling drugs (slight joke).

(Did you notice that I love parentheses?)

Anyway, yesterday I thought of something that certainly would not make me rich, but would be really fun for me. When I worked at my college’s TV station, I used to put together highlight packages for sporting events and intros to the show I was on. I also made commercials for my show. I had a blast making these videos and for whatever reason I was reminded of it yesterday.

I daydreamed about making music videos, but not actual video for bands. I would be one of those losers on YouTube that would make their own video set to someone else’s song. I envisioned making a “story” to my favorite songs and putting together a video. I know this is incredibly dorky, but I think it would be ridiculously fun too – especially the end product. How fun would it be to put together a montage of parties and hangouts of my friends and I set to a song we all love. We would feel like celebrities and would have some fun moments caught in time and you can’t beat that.

Or I could get some overly ambitious, attention-starved friends (who have loads of free time) to put together a mini-story to go along with a song we choose.

Just thought I’d share something odd about myself instead of the stupid breakup related stories I’ve been posting.

Too dorky? Super fun?

Either way, I’ll probably never do it…


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2 responses to “He tastes like you, but sweeter

  1. I love this! I think you should do it. I would watch them. And love it. If you need any footage of me to put in, just let me know. I’ll send it right along.

  2. I figured you may like it. I am currently accepting applications for “Hot girl” for my first music video. It may involve being scantily-clad, trying to be sexy, making out with other girls. The competition should be tough.

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