The Post For No One

1. Why does my avatar change all the freakin time? Ugh.

2. I know I am opening myself up to all sorts of jokes here, but I have been getting TONS of freakin porn mail and not just any porn mail – porn mail referencing human-on-animal sex. Friggen Gross. Seriously, I’m the first to admit that I’ve been to some porn sites in my day, but NEVER anything like that, so why the hell am I getting these e-mails. Gross.

3. Interesting life event from Saturday night. The All-American was here and I hung out with him, Swan, and CF (now added to the About page) all night. We went to Mellow Mushroom where The All-American, Swan, and I added some new beers to our list and had some pizza. We also met up with the Avid Texter and her friend. We eventually parted ways with them and went to a bar that CF has been telling me about – Burn’s Alley.

I walk in and I’m immediately greeted by a band playing “Grey Street,” so I knew I was in an awesome place. The bar was really chill (my favorite kind). It was filled with games (including board games, oddly) and featured the bar’s own signature beer (which was yummy). All-in-all a good night.

The only odd thing occurred when I went to the bathroom. I walked by this attractive girl and almost ran into her because she was stumbling around. After narrowly avoiding her I enter the bathroom. There is a guy right behind me who makes some comment about the hot girl. Much to my dismay we drunkenly discuss the hot girl while peeing. As I’m about to leave the guy says, “Hey, I’m gonna take a bump before going back out there, you want one?” I politely declined before I could comprehend what I was just offered. Yup, I was offered some coke. Free coke. Apparently cokeheads are generous. Now I’ve known people who have tried coke, but was never offered it before. It was odd to say the least.

4. dmb just announced a SPRING TOUR!! YES!!! And they are coming to the Other Carolina! The shows are in April and I already put in my ticket request. However, I fully intend on selling those tickets once I buy ridiculously expensive third row or better seats like I had last year.


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3 responses to “The Post For No One

  1. that bar sounds amazing… it’s hard to find bars that aren’t super lame. although guys offering free coke in the bathroom is semiweird… probably a fluke though.

  2. heavensenthellbent

    I was thinking about DMB, and a vacation. Maybe Ill come down for that show. We seriously need to go to a show together. its been way to long. The cover band I saw last weekend was awesome. Tons of fun.

    I promise you Ill start writing. Been wicked busy with finals.

    I miss your scent!

  3. That would be awesome if you came down. Keep me posted.
    I miss your sweet spooning.

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