Folie a Deux

I am so incredibly happy that I created this blog and then joined The 20 Something Blogger community. Both of these actions were inspired by Bloggy McFlirtsalot. It’s really strange on this journal came to be. I’ve never even met Bloggy, but just by being introduced to her blog via a mutual friend, I’ve been able to “meet” or read about some awesome people.

I’m at a point in my life that could be called a number a things, but the most important thing I needed was to feel connected to some new people through our mutual understanding and experiences. The responses have been amazing. I’ve found there are a lot of cool people out there that I will probably never meet but they have left some kind of imprint on my life. Granted I may not remember ever comment or pseudo convo we had through message boards and comment sections, but that’s not the point. For a fraction of a second or minute they brought some kind of joy or humor to my life. There is nothing much more exciting than getting an e-mail letting me know that someone has commented on my journal.

People remind me that there are so many people that understand what I am going through. We all have our issues and I’m sure our blogs are our ways of reaching out for some “companionship” or advice when our regular friends are not around or just are not doing the trick. (FYI – I just typed out “drink” when I went to put “trick.” Wow…can you tell where my head is at?)

Whether reconnecting with some of my close friends (Partner-in-Crime and more to come) through their new journals or comments to mine, or learning about other people throughout the world, I’ve been able to gain some perspective on other people in my age group. We’re a lot more similar than we imagine. I’m sure the picture-perfect view we have of each other could be shattered in 10 mins of getting to know each other, but that’s part of the beauty. I am more likely to assume a fellow blogger is totally awesome, whereas if I meet someone in public something usually happens within the first few minutes of meeting them that will turn me off.

I’ve been able to read about the sexcapades of “Courtney” and “Christina,” the highs and lows of relationships passed of Jordan, the awesome adventures and thoughts of a girl from Argentina, to name just a few.  Many of these fellow bloggers have linked to my blog and vice-versa. This leads to more readership and my blog views continue to rise because of it. Every week someone new leaves me a message or requests my friendship. It’s a really neat experience. So, yea – Thanks. You kids rock.

On that note – I believe I am in need of some scandal. I need this on a personal level (revenge, self-esteem, etc.) and on a blog level. Everyone else has these great stories and sure, I could rehash some from my glory days, but I need something new.

I need a great scandal. One that does not involve the Avid Texter. That may be becoming an unwanted situation, but more on that later.

I ideally need to just get a little drunk and go do something nice and stupid. Preferably, it would involve a pretty girl going through the same types of things as me and does not want a damn thing out of it. Aaaah this brings back memories of college. I miss those times.

So what do you say? Want to be my “nice and stupid” something? Sounds even more enticing when I refer to you as that, huh?

But seriously, is there anything better than having a mutual no-strings-attached night of fun with someone who’s just a tad off center like yourself?


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10 responses to “Folie a Deux

  1. that girl

    you need to find a good wingman first, and then find a scandal. cause even if you don’t actually get to do something scandalous, you and your wingman will probably have a real good story surrounding your antics.

  2. You are right. Some of my best stories involve the lead-up thanks to my friends.

  3. Awww! You tagged me! Seriously. I agree on everything you wrote. One question: are you not considering coming to Chicago for the meetup?? I think after we all meet we’ll probably still be friends, but it may lack luster….hmmm something to consider.

  4. you DEFINITELY are coming to the meet-up in Chicago… please please please.

    And we are meeting in January, yes? I hope so!

    Great post… we ❤ blogging!

  5. Jordan – I was not really considering it, but if people are really going to do it then I may have to take it more seriously.

    Beth – I take it you are planning on going?
    We better meet up in January! I will either be taking my vacation then or early February.

  6. The feeling is mutual, I’ve only been a member for a few days, and already I feel like I belong. Its a great feeling to know that I’m not the only 20something blogger out there going through these things. Kudos!

  7. HEY!

    You’re awesome. Look at you, tagging us. You’re such an awesome guy, and I don’t even know ya.

    You rock, as well. I’m blogrolling you, fyi.


  8. P.S. Great scandal? I’m in!

  9. Sweet! You can blogroll me anytime you want! Haha and you seem to be the Queen of Scandals. So you can join me in a scandal anytime you want…my hometown or yours? :p

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