Why Can’t These Meds Be Any Damn Good

Hey gang – Sorry for two lame posts in a row, but I’ve been super busy with work (stupid holiday shoppers), homework, packing (moving into my new apartment with the pup soon), and stressing about the aforementioned things.

I went to my new apartment after work today. It seems so small – I’m used to two bedrooms 😦 But I’m sure Maggie and I will get along just fine. I’ll have CF in the same complex and I’ll be closer to a couple of other friends as well. My porch is pretty huge, which is nice.

Things with the Ex have been a lot better over the last week or so. We have been getting along and no one has pissed anyone else off, but it has been really sad seeing the boxes of memories growing as we pack our things.

Work sucks this month. I am getting my butt kicked by all the other reps and I am probably not going to hit quota. Awesome. That means I won’t get paid shit this month, which is fine because it’s not like I’ll have Christmas bills to pay off or anything.

As much as I can’t wait to go home, I really don’t want to deal with all the “Oooh how are you doing anyway?” questions. Argh. I broke up with my girlfriend, I’m not terminally ill.

Now that my extreme joy and happiness for my little brother’s engagement is about a week old, is it okay to admit that I’m a little bummed by it? There are two reasons why – 1 . My little baby brother who will forever be a kid to me is freaking engaged. Good God. and 2. He’s four years younger than me and so much better put together than I am. I’m proud of him and I wish him nothing but the best, but it just stinks being the trouble-making, disappointing, boozing, slacker son. You think this would motivate me to change, but hey, I’m a slacker, what do you expect?

Crap, this journal sucked. I have to try and trick some bloggers into coming to my site….um Penis. Boobs. Sex. Dirty, dirty Sex. That should do it.


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12 responses to “Why Can’t These Meds Be Any Damn Good

  1. My brother (4 years older than me) is engaged too ¬¬ I don’t know why I’m telling you this. Anyway, don’t be sad, readers will come, don’t worry, really…sigh, hug.

  2. Thanks. I’ll live just being emo for the time-being…

  3. heavensenthellbent

    hehe you said boobies…

  4. coming from the black sheep of the family: just embrace it. 🙂

  5. PiC – Hehehehe so did you
    Jordan – haha I try to!

  6. shorty

    weird, the trouble-making, disappointing, boozing, slacker sons usually get all the chicks.

    hey, at least your brother never had THIS.

  7. That is true. I do get aaaall the chicks.

    Yea thank God he never had THAT. THAT is freakin gross.

  8. Questions from family members are the worst….they always force you to sound way more positive than you are feeling and that is a lot of work. Drink through it…it helps.

  9. Way ahead of you. haha thanks

  10. That was some hard-core dirty talk at the end of that. I’m not sure I can handle any more of it… 😉

  11. What can I say, I’m pretty incredible when it comes to dirty talk.

  12. My brother is 5 years younger than me & engaged also. I, on the other hand, have minimal interest in marriage and am the “difficult” one. I’ve got my mom completely baffled- it makes me a bit sad 🙂

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