Oh sweet Jesus no

George H.W. Bush says Jeb Bush should run for President: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/01/04/elder-bush-jeb-should-run_n_155073.html

In unrelated news – I may have gained the upperhand back…more to follow…


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8 responses to “Oh sweet Jesus no

  1. Consider yourself tagged! We’ve tagged you in our “I’d like to thank the academy…” award blog! Enjoy, Christian!

    😉 (winky-face!)

  2. what’s an upperhand? I know I should use a dictionary, but no, I want u to explain its meaning to me 😛 just because I’m a brat!

  3. Courtney – Sweet! Thanks for the tag! Does that mean I have to compile a list of 10 blogs now too? Winky face? That’s a new one for you…

    Thrice – Hahaha Upperhand is a saying…it basically means gaining control back in a situation. My friends and I usually use it in regards to relationships/situations with exes.

  4. coming from a Texan: Oh sweet Jesus, NO! no no no no no!

  5. Oh, thanks 😀 see? My dear Oxford Dcitionary wouldn’t have given me that extra information 😛

  6. Jordan – I’m glad at least one Texan is on board!

    Thrice – No problem! I don’t think upperhand would have been in the Dictionary anyway. I’m way better than a dictionary.

  7. You will accept the award and you will like it!

    hahah. We didn’t exactly understand the “lemonade” part, either. We just got excited over getting an award, period.


  8. Courtney – I totally accept the award and I love it! It’s my first blog award!

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