The Question Game

I’m  stealing this idea from Thrice, I’d like you guys to ask me some questions. Ask me any thing at all and I will gladly responsd. I may not be able to respond to some questions here, but I will respond to you in some fashion. You guys can leave questions in the replies or contact me in any other way you know of.

I am slightly bored as I’ve had not life lately and I figured this would be a fun little game! Fire away!


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7 responses to “The Question Game

  1. how dare you. 😉

    we’ve posted two hot chicks before and you never commented on them, so we decided the gentlemen followers weren’t appreciating us posting the half to 3/4 naked women.

    but i’ll keep your comment in mind. next wet wednesday i’ll come up with something more towards men, just for you.


  2. heavensenthellbent

    Whats your favorite DP dough? I think we should get that in Feb when you come home, Ill try to make it home when you are home.

  3. Shorty

    What’s your next big move. You don’t want to be at verizon forever, so what do you want to do after you graduate and have you started planing yet???

  4. heavensenthellbent

    Oh I got another. Shorty might know the answer to this.

    Ok here goes:

    Did you ever kiss a duder in order to get two girls to make out on your bed? and if so was that duder the best kisser you’ve ever had with another duder.

  5. Top 5 favorite bands AND top 5 most embarrassing bands in your iTunes.

  6. courtney – I definitely responded to the Jennifer Aniston post! You better check your research 😉

  7. alright, so i was trying to make you feel bad. 😉

    kidddddding. apparently i didn’t see that.


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