The Answer Game

Thanks for the questions! Feel free to keep them coming!

“Whats your favorite DP dough?”
Oooh man how I miss DP Dough and Wings Over Storrs for that matter. Chick ‘N Bacon Zone was my favorite. Yours?

“What’s your next big move. You don’t want to be at verizon forever, so what do you want to do after you graduate and have you started planing yet???”
You are damn right – I do NOT want be at Verizon forever. I wish I had an awesome answer here, but I don’t. I do not have any set plans at all, nor have I really began planning for it. I am going to blame this on my recent break-up and move. I can still use that right?

“Did you ever kiss a duder in order to get two girls to make out on your bed? and if so was that duder the best kisser you’ve ever had with another duder.”
Hahahaha nice. I did kiss a guy (peck on the lips for those thinking I made out, which doesn’t make it any less gay I know) in order to get two girls to make out, but it was on another friend’s bed, not my own. In fact, I believe one of those girls was Shorty. I mean, I can’t really remember who it was. But yes, despite the scruffy-ness, he was the best duder I ever kissed.

“Top 5 favorite bands AND top 5 most embarrassing bands in your iTunes.”
Not a question at all, but I’ll respond anyway.
Favorite bands – dmb, Third Eye Blind, blink-182, Head Automatica, and Taking Back Sunday
Most embarrassing bands – Senses Fail, Hootie & the Blowfish, Justin Timberlake, Aimee Mann, and Pat Benatar


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7 responses to “The Answer Game

  1. heavensenthellbent

    I could have guessed the tops bands. Why are you embarrassed to have Hootie?

  2. shorty

    ah, i must say i don’t remember that. what a shame.

  3. heavensenthellbent

    oh you were there, trust me. I don’t think I’ll ever forget getting a kiss from slim. He tricked me into it, but I do have to say the pay out was totally worth it. haha. How you been shorty? Still wanna be my date to the next wedding I go to?

  4. oooo…most embarrasing artists in your iPod? Those are pretty good! I like you more now that i know you like Pat Benatar.

  5. Blink 182 and Taking Back Sunday! yay! 😀
    You what? kissed a dude? you…say what? really? you won’t get a kiss from the Argentinian girl, ever. (in case u happen to want one one day)

  6. PiC – Don’t get me wrong, I love The Hootie, but not everyone else does.

    shorty – Don’t remember huh? Well, I definitely have a picture of it, so I can scan it and put it up here and on Facebook so we can make sure it wasn’t you.

    Jordan – Nothing wrong with a little Benatar.

    Thice – Yes, in order for two girls to make out with each other, they told me I had to kiss a friend of mine. Totally worth it. A kiss from THE Argentinian girl or A Argentinian girl?

  7. shorty

    that won’t be necessary. thanks for the offer though.

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