I Love the 80s

Remember these awesome 80’s oddities?

Shrinky Dinks



Atari (technically late 70s, but who cares)

Barrel O’ Monkies

Crocodile Mile

Cozy Coupe

God, the 80s were awesome…more to come…


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8 responses to “I Love the 80s

  1. I don’t remember anything but Atari…maybe the rest are part of a cultural thing? :S

  2. heavensenthellbent

    shrinkydinks!!!!! those things were awesome. I used to make em all the time.

    Loved the LiteBrite’s too. My little cousins have the new version that is a cube and you can put lights on all sides.Needless to say my bro and I play with it every time we go home.

  3. shorty

    good memories! i didn’t know that was called a cozy coupe, that’s actually hilarious.

    and if by “cultural thing” Thrice means the culture of people who didn’t live under rocks… then yes. they were cultural things.


  4. i definitely remember the lite brite! and a couple others. but the rest i don’t, probably mostly because you’re an old man. ha. 😉

  5. heavensenthellbent

    yeah patches is kind of old.

  6. HELL YEA!!! OMG I wanted a crocodile mile SO BAD.

  7. Thrice – Yea, these toys were probably only popular in the States…because in reality a lot of them are lame.

    “Courtney” Post #1- LiteBrite does not share your love
    Post #2 – NOT cool. Besides aren’t 80 year old men your thing?

    PiC – Post # 1 -No one else remembers Shrinky Dinks! They were so awesome. Well, not really. Everytime I describe them I’m confused about why I loved them so much.
    Post # 2 – You are the same age as me. We shouldn discuss that too much or Courtney will get all riled up as she dreams of a threesome with us.

    Shorty – Cozy Coupes rocked. And She’s from Argentina so they don’t get all our awesome American toys :p

    Bloggy – I feel bad for your childhood. If you did not have a Crocodile Mile, you never really lived.

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