The Answer Game Redux

1) What’s the worst thing that ever happened to you? Do you think it had any positive effects in your life?

The worst thing that ever happened to me was really a specific time period during my life. Although this period had some great memories, a vast majority of it was terrible. From my Senior year of college through my first year out of college was easily the worst “thing” that has ever happened to me.  I had a lot of personal demons (sounds cooler when described that way) during that period of my life and I regret many of my actions during that time.

Essentially, I drank too much/too often, drank excessive amounts while on medication that specifically said not to drink while taking it, lied a lot, hid things, was an asshole to friends, treated my then girlfriend like garbage, treated other girls like garbage, missed too many classes, lost friends, chased people away, and was generally just a miserable excuse for a human being.

Although I wish these things never occurred and they still haunt me in some fashion, I think it ended up having a positive affect on my life. The friends that have stood by me or came back into my life will tell you that I’m a completely different person than I was then. There were some negative consequences (aside from the obvious) that still effect me today. For instance, I am less trusting than I used to be and can be more closed off than in the past. I’m not as sociable, not as romantic, I have less confidence in myself and I’m more of a loner. So not all my changes have been positive.

2) Is there any person in the world you hate? Why?

There are people I say I hate, but there are very few people that I actually wish some kind of ill-will on. For instance, I hate Weasel McDouchebag, but I would never want him to die or suffer any kind of injury. I just wish he was nonexistent in my life. However, people like Osama Bin Laden and other terrorists/murders I have no problem wishing death on.

3) If you had the key to happiness in your hands but you had to choose between stop using the Internet and being happily ever after (and away from the Internet – FOH-EH-VAH :p)…what would you do?

I would definitely take happiness. If the key to happiness involves not having the internet, than that is fine by me. Being completely happy is better than almost everything in this world.


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9 responses to “The Answer Game Redux

  1. I wonder who asked you those questions..I like the answers very much 😀 The last one is very pleasing..and the first one is quite shocking! I’m glad you’re not what you described now..I really am.

  2. if number three came true, we would be forced to be more than internet friends. which is fine, i’m just sayin.

  3. Thrice – Some dork sent those question in :p. I am glad I am not like that anymore as well.

    Beth – More than internet friends = your dream come true

  4. heavensenthellbent

    Nice answers to those questions.

    i heart you.

  5. Love your blog! And I think it’s only fair that I de-lurk since you did for me 🙂

  6. PiC – Nice comment about my answers to those questions. I heart you too.

    Elizabeth – Thanks for the comment!

    PinkNic – Thanks for the compliment and de-lurking!

  7. shorty

    this is slightly off-topic, but i just want to say i’m really glad you’re writing writing again and not just using this as a forum to make lame fantasy football jokes and the like with your guy friends.

  8. Shorty – Thanks! I’m glad I’m writing again too.

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