Die Young and Save Yourself

I would be remiss if I did not mention the Inauguration of President Barack Obama. Although the whole inauguration thing can be quite boring, I was sure to catch parts of it throughout my day. I have been a supporter of President Obama since before he announced his intentions to run for President. After the demoralizing election of 2004 and the God awful last 8 years, I was elated this past November.

No one person has ever given me immense pride in my country, made me have faith in politicians, made me believe good people can finish first, and even made me want to be a better person than President Obama has. I know that sounds cheesy, but it’s true. I am extremely excited to see what he can do over the next four years. I don’t expect any miracles, but I do expect him to run the country with honor.

Due to the inauguration, there have been a lot of shows dedicated to the history of our Presidency. So, of course, I’ve been Tivoing a bunch of them and am super hooked. I am also a super dork.

Okay, on to this weekend…

My dear friends, The All-American and Samsonite (Samsonite? I was way off!) came down to the Low Country for a weekend that promised to be filled with debauchery. Samsonite is a good friend of mine that I met in college.
A mutual friend, EM, came down as well. Her and I became better friends after a friend’s wedding back in September. I was definitely really excited for all the visitors, as well as the fact that I would be able to hang out with my friends down here – CF, Swan and some others.
Sadly, the weekend turned into a mild disappoint for a few reasons. It was awesome to see my friends, but there were some let downs.

Friday – Easily the best day. Samsonite, EM, Swan, CF and CF’s pseudo boyfriend gathered at my awesome bachelor pad  and literally rocked out to Rock Band 2 for a good majority of the afternoon/early evening. I was having a great time, but was getting a weird vibe from CF’s pseudo boyfriend. He was (no surprise here) a military guy. I tend to dislike guys and military guys (at least the one’s my girl friends tend to hang with) are my most hated. “Thanks for serving my country and all, but you are still a dick.”

In any event, things went fairly well and he actually seemed to be an okay guy, despite the weird vibe I got. We ended up going to Mellow Mushroom where we met some other friends for pizza and beer. We then went to Burn’s Alley which is becoming one of my favorite bars. I had a blast playing the Buck Hunter video game with the guys, taking pictures and just laughing with friends.

The night ended with an all-out Rock Band fest which was amazing. Everyone was completely rocking out and it was the most awesome thing ever.

Saturday – Nursed slight hangover, watched basketball and movies with friends, and then went to Fatz Cafe. Food there was pretty good and the conversation was even better. We ended up at Henry’s, which is a pretty relaxing bar in downtown Charleston.
This is when I started to get a little bummed. The girls all wanted to go to a college-type dancing bar, I found out Weasel McDouchebag was at another chill bar that I wanted to go to and now couldn’t, and everyone seemed to be pairing off. Samsonite and myself were the only ones who didn’t have significant other or, at least, someone catching our eye.
The Ex, after telling me about the whereabouts of Weasel, then told me she had no plans. I told her she could meet up with us if she wanted to. I probably did this out of loneliness. I did not have any romantic or even lust-related thoughts about this, but I knew that she would at least bring up my spirits a little. She ended up meeting up with us and it did help me.

But things got crappy. We went to a hotel after the bars closed because CF’s pseudo boyfriend got a room there. He became a major douche at this point which verified my weird vibe I got from him earlier. He proceeded to get super drunk and insult every single one of us. He made some broad comments about how stupid East Coasters are and some other related bullshit.

On another crappy note. I don’t remember all of what he did because I had gotten super hammered. I ended up not feeling well, puking outside of the hotel, and had the Ex taking care of me. This was super nice of her considering she could have been out with Weasel who was probably not wasted off his ass and puking outside of a hotel.

I woke up in her bed the next morning. I swear to all of you bloggers nothing happened. I repeatedly thanked her for her kindness and offered her my washer/dryer for the day as well as lunch from Zaxby’s. She took me up on that offer.

So, although I had a good time with most of my friends, the actions of CF’s pseudo boyfriend, my super drunkeness and the lack of scandal made me kinda bummed as this week began. It’s hard to explain, but I just feel so old. I am so over all of that drunken drama. I’m tired of douche bag guys acting tough when drunk. I’m tried of the games people play when drunk. I’m tired of acting like I’m 21 every once in a while and puking outside of a hotel after drinking too much. I don’t know how to really explain myself clearly, but I’m just kinda bummed out by the whole weekend.
I know this journal was rambling and didn’t make much sense and I’m sorry for that. I kinda hoped by writing about the weekend I would feel better, but for once, I do not.

I feel like I’m at a plethora (double word score) of crossroads in my life and instead of choosing paths at each of these crossroads, I’m just laying in the middle, refusing to move. I don’t know where to go, what to do, what I want, or who I really want to be. And I feel like I am running out of time.

Of course there is the ever present battle between the old me and the new me going on. Thankfully, it feels like the new me has been winning out.

Ugh. Go read something more worthwhile. I apologize for wasting your time…


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9 responses to “Die Young and Save Yourself

  1. Aw Christian! You didn’t waste my time. I generally dislike military guys myself and sometimes find myself puking outside a hotel. Can’t believe the ex took care of you…sounds like someone’s reconsidering her options. Is it too late?

  2. Wait..Christian? I didn’t know we can say your name here 😛
    I think it was an awesome, varied post.
    Introduction: President Obama 😀 yay (you should have mentioned how classy Michelle Obama is)
    Development: Awesome weekend (it seemed pretty impressive at first)
    Conclusion: The Ex behaving like a fine sweet lady, your hatred towards guys of the military, the image of you puking (perhaps at the same time I was puking at a borrowed toilet) and then..the battle between you and you..I enjoyed it greatly 😀
    Awesome post.
    And yes. The good one will beat the drunk jerk. (but maybe he’s not a jerk, he’s just immature?)

  3. heavensenthellbent

    like I told you earlier, I miss puking almost every weekend with you. Well not with with you but the same night. haha.

    Oh and I’m trying to figure out a good time for me to come to low-country.

  4. Brand New? Really? Are they still around and are people still listening to them?

  5. Jordan – Hahaha I’m glad I’m not the only one who has relapses back to their college days. I think she is just lonely and will always care for me. She’s probably has some hope that things will work out for us, but she is not avidly trying to get back together.

    Thrice – My saving grace is that we may have been puking at the same time this weekend.

    PiC – We were awesome at puking and rallying, which for some reason was something to be proud of. Anytime is a good time for you come here, Big Boy. Just give me ample warning.

    Elizabeth – Brand New hasn’t had an album in about 2-3 years, but they are still around!

  6. 1. umm, that wasn’t a waste of my time.

    2. i’m coming to get hammered and puke outside hotels with you. some day.

    3. ex nurtured you back to health instead of hangin’ out with weasel? sounds like she’s still into youuuuuuu. 😉


  7. Courtney – You can come and get hammered with me any time!

  8. meaninglessmetaphors

    Man, I don’t get it how you feel old…you were rocking out all weekend! Bar hopping and hanging out with awesome people…I went to the movies and dinner and was asleep around 11pm. Who is the old one here??

  9. That makes me feel marginally better.

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