No longer cool, but a boy in a stitch

The past month has been Hell on my already deflated self-esteem.

Example # 1: TSA Agent at Hartford Airport after studying my license and my face for like 5 minutes
“Is this your little brother’s ID?”

Example # 2: Hotel Employee in DC later that night referring to the same license and apparently haggard face
“Is this a really old picture of you?”
“Well it’s about a year old…”

Example # 3: Friend from CT responding to my Facebook pictures from this weekend
“Why do you look like you are 10?”

Example # 4: The Ex’s scale in her bathroom
It read a lot less pounds than expected. Apparently, I’ve lost a crap ton of weight and didn’t even realize it. For those who had the displeasure of seeing me in person, you know I don’t have weight to lose.

So, apparently I am withering away.

And I look really old to airport and hotel workers, but super young to friends.

I am not posting this to fish for compliments or anything, so please don’t get that impression. These are just some correlated events from the past month or so that have been slightly confusing/upsetting/unexpected and I felt like writing about them because I’ve been in a kinda blah mood during these late nights. I promise witty/more interesting posts will return. Bare with me through my ‘Woe is me’ stage. I go through phases every few weeks, especially when I am single, so be prepared for blog mood swings. Probably by tomorrow I’ll be talking about how awesome and irresistable I am.

God, I’m so emo. Cue the “old school” Dashboard Confessional.


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8 responses to “No longer cool, but a boy in a stitch

  1. oh witty. i do love you, y’know. don’t wither away on us!

    -C. 😉

  2. Ah! f%&k the others! you’re still looking cute 😀 (I’ll compliment you if I want to :P)

  3. heavensenthellbent

    great usage of the phrase “a crap ton” I thought I was the only one who still said it.

    I always thought you looked like a little kid, but that whats made you so sexy!

  4. I say crap ton all the time. It’s pretty much the most awesome saying ever.

  5. meaninglessmetaphors

    I miss your face….even if it looks old, young, or too skinny. ❤

  6. I miss your face too! And some other select parts, if you know what I mean….

    …you know, like your kneecaps.

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