But with nobody in your bed, the night’s hard to get through

Friday – Went to Olive Garden to celebrate Swan’s birthday. Due to my anxiety issues, I rarely go out to eat, but I was really glad I did not back out on on these plans. We had to wait like a freakin hour to get seated, but it wasn’t that bad except for when we tried to sit in the bar area and were told we could only stay there if we ordered food. Since we were still waiting for two more people, we had to get up. Everyone was fine…everyone except for CF’s pseudo boyfriend (see last entry)…who said something to the effect of: “That’s so fucking stupid. Tell your supervisor this is fucking ridiculous.” I promptly told the server it was no big deal and thanked her for being nice. I was a little embarrassed about his actions. So much for him making up for the previous weekend.
Besides that one incident, the rest of the night was fun. We all shared a bottle of wine, had some good food and chatted about all sorts of things.
I went home instead of going out as I had to work the next day but then the Avid Texter texted (duh) me and said she was in my town. I said she could swing by if she wanted to. We only hung out for a hour or so, but it was fine. After she left I was confident that she could be a good friend of mine and I was excited that my group of friends would be expanding. Things quickly changed however…in the following days she’s been texting a lot and just saying things that make me worry about what she wants out of me. Who knows. She is pregnant and lonely right now and I may be the only guy who is talking to her. She doesn’t go out and is embarrassed about how big she thinks she looks…neglecting to realize that pregnant people aren’t fat, they just have a small person growing in them. But I digress…I just hope she wants to be friends and that’s it, because that’s all I want. On the plus side she did mention that she thought PiC was attractive after seeing his pictures in my Facebook photos. That PiC is a stud.

Saturday – After work I made a trip to Best Buy. I have been wanting a new laptop for quite some time and with my current computer being super lame lately, I decided it was time. After talking to one of their employees I decided to take the plunge and get a Macbook. So yes, I am a mac user now! So far, I’m pretty happy with it, but there is definitely a learning curve with it. I’m trying to lose my Windows habits and learn all the Mac shortcuts. Anyone else have a Mac? Thoughts?

Sunday – Work and then home to work on paper. Finished paper and turned in the next morning – another course finished! I only have two more classes before I am done and I will have my master’s degree!! I should be done in May.
I also received a text from the Ex saying “I was good all weekend and did not text you even though I wanted to, but I hope you had fun with Maggie, etc etc.” Her typing (which I edited here for clarity’s sake) gave away the fact that she was drunk. I didn’t really think much of it and chose not to really explore that.

Monday – Day off. Transferred stuff to my new computer, played with the puppy, cleaned, and hung out with CF. We watched Juno and then talked about her pseudo boyfriend. She really likes him but understands why Swan, Samsonite, and myself were not so keen on him. I was glad we talked about it.

I had a good chat last night with one of my guy friends who currently lives out in LA. We were joking around, but much of the convo rang true. We talked about how we used to have a large group of friends and how it has shrunk so much do to people moving, people getting married, etc. We then talked about how most of girl friends are the ones that have gotten married or disappeared. This led to a discussion about the girls we still talk to, or more appropriately, the ones that still give us the time of day. Needless to say the list was small. We concluded this is why people get married. Once a few of us do, the group of friends shrinks because most (not all) married couples fade away from their single friends and the activities they partake in. As the group gets smaller, people feel less a part of something and try to scoop up someone asap. This is an oversimplification, but I think it holds some level of truthfulness.

I don’t know, it was just something that was interesting to explore. Somehow the conversation then turned to us becoming dectitives like Sherlock Holmes in order to become super rich and score tons of chicks. We then decided we didn’t want to move to London.


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6 responses to “But with nobody in your bed, the night’s hard to get through

  1. shorty

    i have a macbook pro! i got it for myself upon graduation. it’s amazing. seriously, go mac and you’ll never go back. i love the thing. WE CAN ICHAT NOW!!!!

    the thing is seriously so simple and intuitive though. you don’t realize it at first coming from a PC because it’s so different – but once you get used to it, you will realize it makes so much sense and is great. if you have any specific questions IM me. but you will probably start to learn shortcuts as you go. and google is always helpful too haha.

    i’m glad i still give you the time of day =)

  2. Why don’t you want to move to London? I think your Sherlock Holmes idea makes perfect sense.

    Anyways, I have a Macpro too and I adore it. Shorts is right– as soon as you get used to it you will realize how much sense it makes and never go back to PC.

  3. heavensenthellbent

    haha tell avid texter I say “How you doing?” haha.

    I don’t have a mac but really want one, they are awesome.

    Remember our get rich quick scheme, it was going well til we decided to buy booze with the money!

  4. meaninglessmetaphors

    I am mildly insulted that you concluded that you wouldn’t want to live in London. It’s basically the best city in the world. Duh!

    I love my Mac! I can ichat with you too!

    I hope that I will always be in touch even if some dude is lucky enough to marry me (hahaha)

  5. shorty – I really like it so far and I am sure I will be IMing you with questions from time-to-time. Everyone mentions iChat – apparently this is the coolest thing in history.
    Thanks for giving me the time of day still!

    Beth – I’m not sure why we gave up on that idea, we may have to revisit it.

    PiC – I will definitely be letting her know. I am planning on making a series out of our get rich quick ideas.

    MM – How can you be insulted? You are not from London. I didn’t know you had one! Now I don’t have to miss your face as much if I can see it on iChat.
    I hope you stay in touch too!

  6. heavensenthellbent

    shorty’s got a pic now!!! thats awesome. Next up blog!

    Whats an iChat? I want one

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