You Shook Me All Night Long

1. Apparently, we had our second earthquake in about a month down here in the Lowcountry. Luckily, they haven’t been big and I haven’t felt/heard anything.

2. I have the weekend off (plus Monday!) so I’m pretty stoked about that. I have a mixture of plans in place, so I’m relatively excited. I’m hanging with work friends tomorrow at the assistant manager’s house for party, probably hanging with them for the Super Bowl, and of course seeing my friends. I plan on getting drunk with friends on Saturday, hopefully hilarity and/or scandal will ensue.

3. The Avid Texter has been out of control lately and it’s been getting to me. I’ve seriously cut back on my responses but it doesn’t seem to matter.

4. I’m back on my “Entourage” kick. I love this show.

5. Someone buy me the Rosetta Stone. I want to learn Spanish.

6. While you are buying me things…get me a Snuggie so I can walk around in it. Everyone in the commercial looks like a monk and, let’s be honest, that’s awesome.

7. How do I get the cute Starbucks barista to fall in love with me? Or least want to make out a little? Keep in mind I am a complete pussy so things like “Initiate conversation with her” will not fly. I tend to resort to tricking girls into liking me.


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11 responses to “You Shook Me All Night Long

  1. aww, you want a snuggie? next time we have a giveaway i’ll totally get you one for your prize. but well, you have to earn it, you know. 😛

    i miss our chats! bb msg me this weekend!

    -C. 😉

  2. heavensenthellbent

    2. Nice have a great weekend, about time you got one off.

    3. Uhhh….I’ve had this happen as well, and boy cutting back on your responses doesn’t help. I mean when you stop texting me I get the point. You are clearly making out with some chick and have no time to write back. Although it would be pretty awesome if you could text me while you were making out with a chick, itd be like I was just there staring at you like old times.

    4. Entourage is awesome. Did you watch last season?

    5. I’m not buying you anything.

    6. especially not a snuggie. Although you’d look awesome in one.

    7. Fly me down to low country and I’ll take care of everything for you. Ill start the convo with the starbucks chick and then send her off to you. Once again like old times.

  3. Courtney – I miss our chats too! STS has been stealing you from me! BB Messenger works both ways you know 😛

    PiC – Next time I make out with a chick, I’m totally texting you. I miss the old times of watching each other make out with hot babes.
    I’m on Season 4 of Entourage. We need a famous friend to provide for us…another get rich quick idea!
    I would love to fly you down but I’m a little poor.

  4. Everyone wants a Snuggie. It’s the new hot item. I want to wear mine to Niners games, obviously. Along with my entire sorority. We can be like the fam in the infomercial.

    Dude, get an obnoxious friend to hit on her first, then swoop in and be uber charming. Works every time. Except I’m usually the female obnoxious friend.

  5. Snuggies are amazing. For the price of one Snuggie you get another one and two book lights! Amazing!

    That’s not a bad plan, I’ll just have to convince one of my friends to be completely obnoxious.

  6. please hand the rosetta stone down to me when you’re done. wait. I’m in TX. I need it more than you. Give it to me first!

    I have never heard of a snuggie…there are two possible reasons for this a)I live in the type of small town deep in east tx that is about 15 years behind fashions/trends b)I don’t have enough expendable income to justify cable/satellite, so I just don’t have it.

    and please, please pick up the barista! I’ve always wanted to date the male version…are they also called baristas?

  7. scarletdark

    Okay, so I was on Facebook just now, reading one of my friends’ “25 random things about me” posts, and I found out he OWNS a Snuggie! Not only that, but he wrote, “I am not ashamed to sit and wear a snuggy, I like to look like a monk.”

    For some reason, the fact that you had mentioned them before stuck out in my head, so I felt like you might enjoy living vicariously through this post.

  8. They are sweeping the nation!

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