Do you think he’d be better, doing what I do best?

I was looking at my blog stats the other day and I saw a random website that had referred a couple people to my blog. I did not recognize the site, so I decided I should check it out. I was surprised (the pleasant variety) to find a journal that mentioned how this girl had stumbled upon my blog and the effect it had on her. Here is the excerpt:

“Anyway, I stumbled across this guy’s blog tonight and it seemed so damn interesting to me for some reason. Mostly because of the way I found it.

In my last entry I wrote in the “music” text box, “No longer cool, but a boy in a stitch.” I thought I was being pretty clever, dumping some song lyrics in there that came from a song that the person I was writing about said he related to. Then I realized it wasn’t really that cool at all, because no one is as google-curious as I am, plus it was a friends-only entry, which means all of maybe three people will ever even read it. Uh… I’m getting side-tracked.

I decided to test these lyrics out in google. The second result was a blog. I thought that was rather unusual, seeing as I was testing something I had written in my own blog, so I clicked the blog link, and was immediately hooked on some random person’s life. He was sarcastic, witty, and complained about his skinniness in a manner similar to how I complain about mine. And when I read about all the commentary on his IDs, I wanted so badly to tell him about the time I used my credit card that has a really bad picture of my face on it and the guy at the register literally stopped what he was doing when he saw the picture, looked up at me, and said, “…Nice.” But… he already seems to have a bunch of friends on there (for some reason that intimidates me) and I can’t see any way to privately message him just to be like “Hey, you’re funny.” so… fuck it all. I’d subscribe to his blog but it’s on damn WordPress and I’m an LJ ho.

I thought to myself, “Wow, this guy seems really cool. I wonder how I come off in my stupid journal.”

I go back and read my public entries sometimes, just to see what I might sound like to someone surfing the net. It’s pretty lame (“It” being both how I come off in my entries, and the fact that I reread them). People like that guy inspire me to be more interesting, but at the same time, I think I’m at my most annoying when I’m actively trying to be interesting. When it comes down to it, I guess it’s true that we can’t help but be ourselves :p

I just think it would be cool to inspire people and interest others the way people like that inspire/interest me. I’d love to seem intriguing and smart and funny. Mm… I think this journal makes me look more like an emotional basketcase.”

I wish she had commented on my journal, but luckily wordpress’s stalking techniques enabled me to still see her kind words. I was really flattered. Clearly, I have her completely snowed :p. Seriously, I thought that was really awesome and it provided a much needed boost.

So, thank you anonymous girl!


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7 responses to “Do you think he’d be better, doing what I do best?

  1. aww, what a sweet, anonymous lady.

  2. scarletdark

    Why, you’re welcome, Brand New Boy!

    So you wrote a blog about how I wrote a blog about how you wrote a blog? Awesome.

    Obviously now I have a WP account, although I’m not sure this is really my style. I feel like WordPress expects something important out of me- like fiesty political debates or cutting edge technology blogs. I’ll be lucky if I even spit out a game review. Either way, now I can pretend I fit in while I make an official comment on your blog.

    Glad to give you a boost 🙂 I considered saying something corny here, but I’ll opt out. Ha

    Lol, wait. “Snowed?” What is “snowed?!”

  3. scarletdark

    Um, quick p.s.

    I don’t quite know how Detective Mcgruff this WP thing gets, but if you see a zillion views from me, it’s not what you think. I’m not obsessively refreshing your blog awaiting your next post.
    I’m just trying to test out what user pics look like when I comment, and I can’t decide what the hell picture to use so I keep testing new ones.

    Sorry to abuse your journal :p

  4. shorty

    ahem. looks like you just made a new friend.

    i would like to note, that WE became friends by me stumbling upon your writings on the internetz. 8 years ago.


  5. Courtney – Yes, very sweet. Unlike someone I know…

    Scarletdark – Don’t let that mainpage fool you, must people write about relationships and why they hate their job.
    Snowed basically means I have you fooled. I’m definitely not cool or witty.
    Haha the abuse is okay. It makes my stats bigger :p

    Shorty – 8 years…damn we were so little. I don’t think Scarletdark and I will have quite the same end result as you and I :p Oh, and nice Lion King reference….loser

  6. heavensenthellbent

    sweet new friend…pretty soon I’ll try to steal her like everyone else. haha.

    Unlike shorty and scarlet I did not become friends with you through your writings, instead I found you pushing tv’s through a school hallway and for some reason I thought that would be fun.

  7. Stop stealing my friends you bastard!

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