Best. Coffee. Ever.

Remember when I mentioned the cute Starbucks barista (see # 7 bullet on that entry)?Ā  Well, extremely unexpected developments occurred today! I will try to keep the following as true to life as I can. If this story ends with her taking off her Starbucks smock and having sex with me in the backroom on the coffee beans, then I got too excited telling the story and made that part up.

The other day I went into the Starbucks attached to my store and saw the Cute Starbucks Barista. She sold me my white chocolate mocha, we exchanged smiles, nothing big.

Today I decided I would make a stop in there for my usual and hoped I would run into her again. I was quite happy to see she was not only there, but also at the main register. I put on my best “Hey, I’m so casual and cool I barely noticed you there” face, realized I’m a complete tool and gave up on that idea. Here’s the conversation that ensued…(My inner thoughts are in parenthesizes).

Me: “Hey, how’s it going?”
Cute Starbucks Barista: “Hey, good. What can I get for you?”
Me: “I’m actually not sure what I want yet…” (I so know what I wanted. For some reason stalling seemed like a good idea).
CSB: “Do you have the Verizon Network?”
Me: “I’m sorry what...?” (I’m completely surprised she asked me something that did not have to do with my pending coffee order)
CSB: “Do you have the Verizon Network?”
Me: “Oh, haha, well of course I do.”
CSB: “I have T-Mobile and I HATE it!”
Me: “Well, I’m not surprised. You need to sign up with Verizon. You guys (Starbucks employees) get a really good discount with us.”
CSB: “Really?”
Me: (Oh man, I can’t believe we’re having a conversation right now! Don’t say something dumb. Hey, she has really pretty eyes, I didn’t notice those before…OH CRAP! She just said something and isn’t talking anymore!) “Um, uh, yea definitely. I don’t remember all the details, but you should come in and we’ll get you a good deal.”
CSB: “Hmmm well when are you working again?”
Me: “Well, until 8 tonight and then 9:30-630 tomorrow.”
CSB: “Hmm. All right, I may have to stop in tomorrow.”
Me: (Oh my god! She wants me! She totally wants to have sex with me! She wants my penis in or around her mouth! Man, Superbad is a funny movie. Wait, no! Now is not the time!) “Yea, definitely come on in I’ll get all the details for you.”
CSB: “Well, I think we could be good friends” (Okay, don’t get excited she said that in a joking manner – clearly pertaining to the whole discount thing).
Me: (Why am I nervously laughing!? Damnit! Think of something witty and charming to say back!)

At this point a dude walks up behind me so I think I said something like “Haha sounds good” and made my order.

Me: “I guess I’ll get a tall white chocolate mocha please.” (I am an epic fail, oh well, let me get my wallet)
CSB: “Don’t worry about it.”
Me: “Seriously?”
CSB: “Yea, don’t worry about it.”
Me: “Wow…thank you so much.”
CSB: “No problem.”
Me: “What’s your name?”
CSB: “(Says her name)…and you are…(reads my name off my name tag)?”
Me: “Very good, yes I am.”
CSB: “Nice to meet you.”
Me: “Nice to meet you too.”

Aaaaand my day was made.

A white chocolate mocha has never tasted so sweet.

Sure, maybe she did it just because I kept talking about how I could get her a good deal with Verizon and she was trying to do something for me first so I would give her some crazy deal or something…but who cares! A situation like this, no matter how innocent, NEVER happens to me. It was fantastic. Of course I spent the next hour or so overanalyzing the situation and wishing I had done a million things differently (Why didn’t I at least slip her my card? Ugh.) but what are you gonna do?

This silly little interaction completely made my day. I got a name and a free coffee and maybe a second chance to see her at my store, which will obviously lead to more conversation. This, of course, will be work related conversation, but gives me a chance to learn things about her at least. Thoughts?

I will obviously keep you all posted on if she stops in tomorrow or not. I’m sure she won’t, but we’ll see. Feel free to leave advice in the comments in case she does!

One slight problem…I don’t know her age or if she has a boyfriend. For all I know she’s super young and dating someone. Details…


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11 responses to “Best. Coffee. Ever.

  1. heavensenthellbent

    Nice job with the CSB. I miss working at AE where I got to flirt with girls all day. I mean that was like my dream job, I got paid to flirt.

    Now remember dont get to nervous, wear your best outfit today, do your hair just right, brush your teeth and make sure you don’t get that nervous sweat that you always get…oh wait that last ones me.

    Can’t wait to find out if she comes in.

  2. yay! how fun!! if the convo allows, ask her out–something casual, but not coffee, after your shift šŸ™‚


    OK, but seriously, I loved this. I think she totally must be interested in you because she is not an idiot and knows she can walk into the verizon store at any point (since she works NEXT DOOR TO IT?!) BUT she chose to not just walk in and make a connection with you instead.

    AND FINALLY, here is also why I know she wants you… she obviously recognizes you bc you go in a lot and knows that you are a regular, right? Well, a girl does NOT start a conversation with a regular if they are not interested because we know that they might get creepy and we will have to see/talk to them all the time. So we would never risk having an entire future of annoyingness whenever this customer walks in if we were not interested.

    But, then again, I am paranoid and anti-social so maybe that’s just the way I think. How sad.

  4. Argh! Now I know the reason you don’t talk to me anymore (jealous face) šŸ˜›
    I’m glad that chat made your day! What are her eyes like? What’s the initial of her name? Tell me, tell me, tell me!!!! šŸ˜€

  5. Umm I seriously hope she stopped by to see you today.

  6. i love the title of this post.

    whoever this ‘beth’ character is, is totally right. csb would NOT be making conversation with a reg if she wasn’t interested. i used to work at starbucks, so if there was some weirdo that always came in, i made sure their drink was ready before they even walked in the door, so they’d just have to pay & leave.



  7. PiC – I had on like my second best outfit and you know I am terrible at doing anything with these out-of-control fluffy locks. Should I bring back the Liars in Love mohawk?

    Jordan – I thought about asking her out to coffee, but just as a joke…then decided that probably would not be funny or creative.

    Bloggy – I lover your comments, because they are exactly what I want to hear…however…her and I have NEVER spoke to each other before so all of this was so out of the blue. It was too random to be this thought-out thing. Or maybe she’s just super nice? Plus, other Starbucks employees have become friendly with my coworkers over the last couple years just because we do go in there so much…
    And I am also paranoid and anti-social so I’m way to neurotic to realize what’s going on.

    Thrice – I don’t talk to you because you aren’t on AIM anymore, plus heavensenthellbent keeps stealing you šŸ˜›
    Her eyes were kind of a darkish color, but my brain was way too blank to remember much more. I just remember liking them. The initial is the same one as my puppy’s initial.

    Christina – To answer your question, she….pfff like I’d ruin my blog’s first cliffhanger in my comment section. Keep checking back…

    Courtney – The Beth character is Bloggy McFlirtsalot. So, Bloggy-Courtney, Courtney-Bloggy. There. We all friends now.

  8. whaoo that post spoke to me!

  9. I agree with the other Beth. She totally wants you. I would NEVER give a free drink to a creepy regular because a) I’d have to see him all the time and b) I wouldn’t want him to get the wrong idea.

    So she either totally wants your nuts or she has exceptional customer service skills. Or both. Which could be super beneficial in the downtown area if you two decide to get naked.

    Tomorrow, remember my three C’s: Charming, cool, CONFIDENT. Wear a clean shirt. Don’t forget a mint (chewing gum is distracting and kind of gross).

    Good luck! If nothing else, you got fee coffee. Legit.

  10. signorita – Haha I will take that as a good thing.

    Elizabeth – Awesome response on so many levels. Thanks!

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