Coffee’s for Closers

…and I am not a closer. Ergo, I don’t deserve the aforementioned coffee.

In my last post, I told a story about my first interaction with Cute Starbucks Barista (see? there’s the proof) or the CSB as she has been affectionately nicknamed. Everyone who responded to the blog seemed to believe there was some level of interest on her end. I, of course, ate that stuff up, but was still ever the pessimist.

None-the-less I was a little excited as Friday rolled around. Okay, I’m a liar. I love the “chase,” in fact, sometimes I love the chase more than I love the end result. I’m a total sucker for this stuff. So, I was quite excited. During my free time I would day dream about how the possible interaction would go. To put it another way: I’m a huge dork.

However, my shift ended and there was no CSB in site. I hung my head as I made the long (3 min) drive home.

Saturday – I was much more relaxed as I had convinced myself that the CSB was not going to show. Sadly, I was right. To make matters worse, I went over to Starbucks at the end of my shift to get a coffee. I ordered a regular coffee from the guy working the register. He proceeds to give me it for free. What the hell? Is there some free coffee for me promotion that I wasn’t aware of? Or did I just discover why Starbucks is losing money like crazy? Or do I have two admirers there now? Or are they all just super nice to Verizon employees?

This solidified my belief that she was just being really nice on Thursday and it was silly of me to think anything else.

Sunday rolled around and I was in a really good mood. The weather was beautiful today and I did not really have any kind of anxiety issues, so the day was off to a good start. Work was going pretty well. I had a really good day sales-wise and around 2 o’clock something caught my eye…

The CSB was walking by our store and on her way into work. I debated heading over there and unsurprisingly I caved and went over a few hours later. CSB was there, but she was not working the register. She was busy making drinks and it was super busy in there. Essentially, I chose the worst time to go over there. I stood in line and decided not to say anything because I’m a guy. And apparently, we do stupid things like that.

After I ordered, I heard her voice coming from behind the stupid Starbucks guy helping me. She was looking a little shy as she said…

CSB: “I’m sorry I haven’t come to see you yet.”
Me: (Mock disappointment on face) “Yea, it’s all right. I guess I’ll let it slide.”
CSB: “I just got nervous.”
Me: “Nervous? Why?”
CSB: “I don’t know.”
Me: “Well, when are you working until?”
CSB: “10, will you guys still be open?”
Me: “Noooo, we’ll be long gone by then. When do you work next?”
CSB: “Tomorrow.”
Me: “Aaah, well I’m off tomorrow…..”
Awkward three seconds of silence and I panic.
Me: “Well, no worries! We’ll figure it out.”



So I guess the saga continues.

Do I stop by tomorrow on my day off? Get a coffee during a slower hour? Too soon?

Or is the ball in her court?

You’d think I’d understand these things by now.

By the way, thanks for all the responses to the last journal. Every one brought a smile to my face. You guys seriously rock my socks off.


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9 responses to “Coffee’s for Closers

  1. wtf, csb? nervous? she’s into you.

    i think i’d play hard to get.

    orrrrrr… you could go through the drive-thru tomorrow “on your way to go see a friend” and see if you can make small-talk with her while you “just happened to be there”. and if you end up doing this, you better bbmsg me the moment you do.


  2. heavensenthellbent

    I say you don’t go on your day off, give her a day to think about you, and then see if shes working the next time you work. Just my thoughts, but what do I know. I suck when it comes to girls.

  3. Here’s the tally so far…

    Courtney and Swan say Go today
    PiC and CF say don’t go today.

    We’re all tied up….

  4. heavensenthellbent

    Swan shouldn’t get a vote, we both know Swan knows nothing! Therefore me and CF are the winners, yes! I’m the best.

  5. Don’t go. It’s too soon. Let her nervousness ride a little while longer.

    Nervousness: good news my friend! šŸ™‚

  6. Oh she was NERVOUS!? That is perfect. She wants your hot bod in a bad, bad way. Not to get your hopes up, of course. I could be wrong.

    I say don’t go in there again with the purpose of seeing her… let her come to you. Definitely.

  7. meaninglessmetaphors

    I agree that you should wait….that’s so friggin cute though! Make her sweat it out a bit…for all you know, she loves the chase just as much. plus, you don’t want to look so eager.

    I’m super excited to find out where this goes! šŸ™‚

  8. scarletdark


    I agree with the masses, although I’m likely too late to even throw out my opinion here. Either way, wait it out. You’ll feel sorta ill-rewarded if you go on your day off because she might be hecka busy again and you’ll only get to talk to her for five seconds. Whilst the idea is cute, you’re going directly against the chase :p Girlies like the chase too, you know (word to meaninglessmetaphors).

    How cute that she digs you so much, though šŸ˜€ You have rocked her little barista world.

  9. Hahaha I love you guys. Thanks for all the kind words and advice. I would not be able to do this without my personal cheering section.

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