Fix me in 45

I’m taking a break from my recent CSB kick…

1. Had a good talk with one of my good friends (DG) tonight and he gave me some good insight into therapy and his history with it. It was good to get his opinion and all just talk like we used to back in college during the wee hours of the night.

2. Courtney from Sex and the Traveling Satchel is a genius and a good friend. I never thought I would say that about someone I never actually met in person, but I’m glad I can.

3. ARod testing positive for steroids may have ruined baseball for me.

4.  I hung out with the Ex today because I had to go to her neck of the woods to pick up the puppy. We tried to go to the best restuarant ever (Taco Boy), but it was freakin closed. I was super pissed. We (okay, mostly she) made chicken parm and we watched Obama’s speech and 24 before I made my way home.

5. I was going through the online journal I kept in college and stumbled upon my old compositions (some would say poems…but please don’t be one of those some) and it made me miss the days would I would sit at my computer, turn off the lights, turn on some music and just write. I would say these old compositions range from terrible to decent. I will give you a taste. This one was from 2003 and was, sadly, one of the last ones I ever wrote. I can’t believe this is almost six years old now. I think it had some good parts but was borderline nonsensical. If I didn’t tell you I wrote it, I could possibly pass it off as genius to a high school class. Anything that is confusing and makes no sense is genius…right?

"Webster's Definition of Latent"
Composition # 73 - Originally titled "You & Me"

You and me -
to the last gasping breath,
forever exhausting mutual adoration.
We never say die,
even when this belongs six feet down.
Reason silenced by desire,
conviction found in love -
with screaming fine print (Mine - for now).
Infatuation still bleeds out from our veins,
so we exalt every potential ender.
Words surrender as inferior -
Entangled lips,
legs wrapped tightly around my waist,
thighs resting on my hips,
and hands clenching my back
bring substance to our promises.
The taste of fleeting perfection reminds
why we don't abandon "us" genuine to dismiss.
So we continue to drain the air of all its emotion,
always breathing in the aura of summer rains.


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13 responses to “Fix me in 45

  1. Umm… I wish I could write something like that. Very hot, witty. Very hot.

    And awwwww! Thanks for the shout-out! You’re such a sweetie. I’m glad the idea helped you out a bit, and I can tell the chick is interested.

    -C. 😉

  2. heavensenthellbent

    DG is like this century’s version of Buddha. Wise beyond his years. Then again I’m totally better than DG.

    I miss the writings that used to be plastered all over your dorm room walls.

  3. Courtney – You just like the naughty part. Thanks for all your help and guidance, you are definitely my wingman!

    PiC – You and DG are equally awesome.

  4. Bloggy – Hey now, that was from like 6 years ago. Give me a break.

  5. meaninglessmetaphors

    Wow…I definitely wouldn’t be able to show that to my class. way too many giggles would ensue. But it’s great.

    oh man, I can’t believe I’m doing it, but I can’t turn off my editing brain…shouldn’t it be “too” genuine to dismiss? I’m sorry, I can’t help myself. You know I do it out of love.

  6. It’s okay, I’m usually the grammar police and I can’t believe I didn’t catch that. To vs. Too is usually one of my biggest pet peeves too.

  7. scarletdark

    Not bad for 2003 🙂 I think I was still in the “everything poetic needs to rhyme” stage back then. Barf.
    But you- look at you and your fancy creative talents. I am impressed.

  8. shorty

    ah, one of my favorites. post more! your compositions can be a series too =)

  9. Of course it’s one of your favorite…your opinion is biased. Maybe it will be a series….

  10. shorty

    i haven’t the vaguest idea what you’re suggesting.

  11. Pfff. Whatever…none the less…don’t stop complimenting them or asking for more.

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