For You

Per Shorty's request, here is another old writing. 
My Valentine's gift to you.

"For You"  7/14/02

Dear (insert your name here),
I've been blessed with the presence of some incredible people.
My life is forever changed because of everyone I have encountered,
especially my friends.
I've had and have many great buddies.
There is way too many to list here, but you all know who you are.
Times change and people change,
but memories and our bond don't have to.
We are all growing up and changing
We become more distant as we embrace new values,
new friends,
new lives.
We may fight or become closer,
but no matter which extreme we are at,
you all have a special place in my heart
and I'll never forget the times we've had.
No matter what happens,
I love you guys.
Thank you for being in my life.
No matter how different things become,
you will always be my friends.
Please remember that.
Thank you,


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5 responses to “For You

  1. Hmmmm. That was written a day before my birthday. This is nice to read, especially because I just lost one of my best friends. No, she didn’t die. She’s just a jerk. Hah.

  2. Did I ever tell you …Te quiero???? ‘cuz I do šŸ™‚ and I would have given you a huuuuuuuuge paper heart for Valentine’s day šŸ™‚ (don’t expect me to buy stuff :P)

  3. Elizabeth – When you first wrote that, I thought “Oh My God, I can’t believe a friend of hers died.” You’ve got to phrase that better haha.

    Thrice – Te quiero tambien. The paper corazon would have been way better than anything that was bought.

  4. No, she didn’t die. But sometimes I wish she did. Ok that was mean. It’s not true at all. But sometimes I wish she tripped on her stupid black heels that she wears EVERYDAY!

    Anyway. I would totally would come be your maid and puppy watcher, I’d be the best one ever! Also, I would teach you the greatest drinking game ever: Captain Hook’s Bar. It can only be taught in person. Every time I’ve taught it to a new group of people, one of them threw up. That’s how you know it’s good.

  5. Elizabeth – Oh man that’s a teaser if I ever heard one. You gotta at least TRY to explain it since we live nowhere near each other.

    Sweet! I have a maid and puppy watcher! When do you start?

    Oh, and who wears black heels everyday? That bitch.

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