Work Sucks. I know.

1. I rant and rave about the customers at my job, but now it’s time to vent about the people behind the counter.

My morale at work has been at an all-time low. I’m getting burnt out with the day-to-day interactions with customers because the vast majority of them are so negative. But now, my managers are really starting to get to me too.

The company has been making some super annoying initiatives lately. There have been a lot of changes that are really frustrating and seem pretty unnecessary. My bosses are constantly looking over our shoulder to “coach” us. It’s unnerving, annoying, and not helpful. When they aren’t leering, they are making sure we are kept busy with these stupid new tasks. We have so much stupid shit to do that no matter what I’m doing, I get questioned. If I’m making the phone calls I’m suppose to make I get asked why I’m not greeting the customer that just walked in. It’s freakin ridiculous.

Here are some examples that occurred today.

-My boss sent out six emails in the matter of a half hour or so. They included the typical “Here are our latest numbers!” e-mail but also featured this gem: “Just a reminder, per our regional manager, we are not allowed to chew gum on the sales floor.” Are you freaking kidding me? You had to send this out? Give me a fucking break. I felt like I was back in high school.
He sent out a couple other similar e-mails.

– This situation takes the cake though.

Every time we sell a Blackberry or similar device, we have to get the customer’s e-mail set up for them. After we do this we are now required to fill out an excel spreadsheet with the customer’s phone number, which device they bought, what kind of email they got and if we set up their e-mail. If we did not set-up their e-mail we need a detailed reason why. This in and of itself is ridiculous, but whatever I do what I’m told.

So yesterday, I get a customer who can’t remember his password to his Yahoo e-mail. No big deal I figure. I write on my sheet “Customer could not remember password. I told customer to contact me if he remembers it and I can help him set up the e-mail.”

I sent the spreadsheet to one of my managers and that’s that.

My manager pulls me aside today and asks me to explain the situation again. After I finish the story she says:

Manager: “Okay, I just wanted to be sure because I was just called a liar by our district manager.”
Me: “Um, what?”
Manager: “I sent out the e-mail spreadsheet for the store and that was the only one that we didn’t set up the email on. He responded by saying, I find it hard to believe that someone doesn’t know the password to their Yahoo account.”
Me: “Are you fucking kidding me?” (I’m cool with this manager, so swearing wasn’t shocking or anything)
Manager: “Nope. See?” She shows me the e-mail.
Me: “That is bullshit. I swear to God if he said that to my face I’d fucking quit right now. I’m sick of this shit. We are being treated like children, given menial tasks, and then questioned every step of the way. He basically just called me a liar. Fuck that. He doesn’t work in a fucking store anymore, he has no idea what goes on here. He is way out of touch. CUSTOMERS DON’T EVEN REMEMBER THE FUCKING CELL PHONE NUMBERS! BUT HE’S SHOCKED THAT THEY CAN’T REMEMBER AN E-MAIL PASSWORD THAT THEY NEVER HAVE TO TYPE IN BECAUSE IT IS AUTO SAVED? FUCK HIM.”

I continued to rant to my manager who attempted to settle me down. So aside from my customers, I have to deal with this bullshit as well.

2. On a happy note. The dave matthews band announced their summer tour dates. I was sad to see that they are not returning to Charleston and the closest they’ll be is about 7 hours from here. The band is hitting the Other Carolina in April for a Spring Tour so it’s not a complete loss. I already have tickets for that, but my summer just won’t be the same if I don’t go to at least one show. So here are my options:

-Go to the show in Tampa as it is the closest one to me, but not all that exciting of a place to visit.
-Go to one (or both) shows in Hartford with my bro and/or CT friends
-Make a trip to the ‘Cuse to see a show with my PiC
-Save up a lot of money and go on an adventure with someone else who is willing. The adventure would be a trip to George, Washington (I love that) to the beautiful Gorge Ampitheatre for all three shows on Labor Day weekend. This would be incredible.

Each has its pluses and minuses. Money may keep me at the Tampa show, but I really want to do one of the other three.

3. I think my next journal should be about the woman in my life. It was so sad, it was comedic the other Saturday night as I dealt with each of the situations in varying manners.

4. I need money for travel and decorations for my apartment. I live in such a bachelor pad its gross. And not a super, classy bachelor pad like Barney from How I Met Your Mother, more like a college dorm bachelor pad.


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7 responses to “Work Sucks. I know.

  1. heavensenthellbent

    Oh man I wish I could have been there for your rant. That sounds classic.

    I may be biased but I say you come up to the Cuse for that show. It should be awesome and we’d finally get to hang out.

    Girl? can’t wait to hear your stories.

    I’ll have an update either this afternoon or tonight. My nights have been jam packed as of late.

    I miss your scent

  2. “I miss your scent” ..omfg..

    Ok, so..ermm..I’m one of those morons who forgets her own password because..yes, it’s autosaved at home..exactly.

  3. I miss both of your scents. Scrot cut the ‘Cuse and let’s blow all our money on the Gorge!

  4. scarletdark

    I think every girl tends to say “Oh I wish my boyfriend’s apartment looked nicer.” But when it really comes down to it, boys with well-decorated apartments are suspicious. The trick is to look like you give a shit without looking like you subscribe to Martha.

    Own a nice TV, a not-gross couch, and a comfortable sexeh bed and you will be golden, sir.

    *two cents deposited*

  5. haha I love the LOLcat talk (sexeh) and the two cents deposited close. Well done.

  6. wowowowowowwwww working at Verizon sounds a lot like working at a restaurant. AKA… constantly being surrounded by total and complete MORONS.

  7. Bloggy – We need new jobs, like now.

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