Things are shaping up to be Pretty. Odd.

First doggie news…

1. I brought my puppy to the vet for her yearly shots and got some unexpected news. Her heart worm test came back slightly positive. It looks like we caught it in the early stages, but heart worm can be the doggie equivalent of cancer (which dogs can also get, so I guess that comparison doesn’t exactly work). The vet was pretty positive, so I think everything is going to be fine. I got some meds for her and in a few months she has to go for an overnight stay. I was pretty bummed the rest of the day, but she seems to be doing fine and hopefully everything will be good.

Here is a picture of my little pride & joy:


2. People who know my family know where I get my love for dogs from. My parents adore dogs just as much as I do and they proved this yet again by getting a new puppy!! My family’s last dog died a few months back and I knew it wouldn’t be long before some new puppy won them over. My brother sent me some pictures of her and she is freakin adorable. I can’t wait to go home and see her in person. She’s part Blue Heeler and the rest is kind of a mystery. Here is a picture my bro sent me…

img_0051Cutest. Thing. Ever.

Okay, now that I’ve lured you in with cute puppies, here the post about the woman in my life.

3. Two weekends ago, I just had to shake my head in disbelief at my current state of affairs involving girls. As I’m talking to my one of my best girl friends about a girl I find cute, my Ex, and another girl are texting me nonstop. One is saying she wishes she was with me, the other one seems to be jealous that I’m hanging out with another girl. It was ridiculous. Here’s the breakdown

Exhibit A::The Ex:: This situation is pretty clear to you guys. We’ve been broken up for nearly 6 months and in separate towns (about a half hour apart) for nearly 3 months. The drama over the breakup and the arrival of Weasel McDouchebag are pretty much distant memories at this point. In fact, The Ex pretty much hates McDouchebag now. She told me she never wanted a relationship with him, but he can’t seem to get that in his head. He is super clingy/needy and has caused nothing but drama in her life (and I don’t mean just with me). Her and I hung out on Sunday and she told me a lot about what had been going on. I was slightly surprised that his douchery has continued – I’m just glad she’s finally realized the extent of it. This also means I win. I am better than him – as if I needed that validation. Is this childish? Yes, but I don’t care.
Anyway, her and I have been getting along great and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss her. I certainly don’t want to be with her right now, but it’s hard not to think about her and what we had/could still have. We’ve been hanging out a lot more and texting more, but I’m going to try and cut back because although I cherish her friendship, this can only be bad. If we are ever to be together again, we need to be apart for a while.
She does text me things like “I don’t want to go out with the girls tonight, I just want to go to your apartment and watch TV with you and the dog. I just want to relax and be with you two.” The whole situation is confusing and its hard to move onto another girl when she is still so much in the picture.

Exhibit B::The Avid Texter:: Read up on the Avid Texter here. I cannot get a good read on this situation. She seems to get jealous when I hang out with the Ex or CF. However, when I told her about my interest in CSB (see below), she seemed to be really excited for me. Her texting has died down – probably because I don’t text her back as much as I used to, but the jealousy and weird comments still come out. If she isn’t making a sarcastic comment about CF, she’s asking me a bunch of questions about what I’m doing at that moment. When I say, “Watching a movie,” or “just hanging out,” it’s always followed by “With who?” Ugh. I really hope she doesn’t like me because the feeling is not mutual. I just want to be friends with her and I do not want any drama.

Exhibit C::Cute Starbucks Barista:: Things have slowed down to a near halt with CSB. After seeing her a bunch of times over the course of a week or so, I have barely seen her. I wish there would be some form of development here and I feel it will only happen if I make the move, so I need to get on that. The chase from a few weeks ago was so fun and invigorating to me and I need that feeling back. After not seeing her, I kinda fell back into the funk of work. I’ve had two run-ins with her since the last time I wrote about her.

I went in one day when she was on her way out. It was about two days after I cut my hair. I think it’s too short, so I dreaded seeing her when I went to get a coffee. She noticed my haircut and said she liked it and with that her and a coworker were on their way out the door. Quick interaction, but a much needed boost after hating my decision to cut my hair so short.

I went in today and she was working the drive-thru (of course). She said hi to me first with a big smile. After I ordered and she finished up with someone at the drive-thru, the following occurred.

Me: “How have you been?”
CSB: “Good!”
Me: “I haven’t seen you in a while”
CSB (at the exact same time): “Where’s my free phone?”
Me: “No no no. I am not selling you a phone. You told me you were a poor college kid and can’t afford it.”
CSB: “Yea, you’re right. I can’t afford it.”
And then she was back to work. It was going in the right direction – away from the whole cell phone crap, but she had to help someone. Damn people!
Another positive note did come out of the visit. While I was waiting for my drink, two girls came in. One of them used to work there and all the baristas were saying hi to her. CSB finished up with her customer and started to talk to the girl about hanging out sometime. At one point the girl asked her “Do you have a boy?” CSB’s response was a glorious “No.”

Other Exhibits:: These three are the only scenarios worth mentioning. There are some other incredibly minor situations that will probably never move past these weird thoughts in my head, so they would be silly to get into here.

So as you can see, these three women are keeping things interesting in my life. I guess that’s better than having a completely boring existence.


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8 responses to “Things are shaping up to be Pretty. Odd.

  1. I’m sorry, you cannot post important information about your love life after those puppy pictures. You just can’t do that to me. I kept scrolling up to see them again and couldn’t concentrate. I NEEDZ A CUDDLE WITH BOTH OF THEM!!!!!!!

  2. heavensenthellbent

    dude the rents got a new puppy thats awesome. Sorry to hear about the other dogs. Your old dogs were awesome.

    sorry to hear about the girl situation, although I am glad things between you and the ex are going along. I know how much she means to you.

    PiC Bamboozle what do you think? I’m in.

  3. sweet, sweet doggies!

    My little Mya had heartworms a couple of years ago. It was devastating to me because I could see the pain she went through while she suffered from them and then the struggle of the treatments–but she had it pretty heavily. Hopefully your baby won’t go through what she did. Good news: she’s healthy and heartworm free today!

    Good luck with the girls. I think your ideas are right about The Ex.

  4. Now I’m jealous too, I’ll start facebook stalking you πŸ˜›
    That new puppy your parents got is lovely, and you know what I think about Princess Maggie πŸ™‚ she has my heart, I’ll even kiss her paws one day πŸ˜›

  5. Women.

    What is with everyone hanging out with exes lately?! It’s a crazy trend.

  6. Bloggy – Hahaha sorry. I should have put them last. The puppehs say you can haz a cuddlez.

    PiC – I think I am in, but I do not know how I will be getting from Ellington to Dirty Jerz. But I want to go so we can Bamboozle Kelly in the hotel if you know what I mean!

    Jordan – Thanks for the story about your dog, that gives me hope that she will be okay!

    Thrice – You can facebook stalk me all you like! Also, my puppy says you can kiss her paws, but they are kinda dirty…

    Elizabeth – Women. Tell me about it.

  7. heavensenthellbent

    You get to Ellington and I’ll take care of you getting to the Dirty Jerz. What do you mean Bamboozle Kelly. I’m not sure I know what that is. Maybe you could explain it to me on the way to DJ.

  8. Sweet. If you could give me a ride there, I should be good. I’ll definitely explain it to you on the way to DJ.

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