Tecate and Fish Tacos

I am currently enjoying my second day off from work and nursing a very slight hangover. I am very much okay with this slight hangover because it is the last remaining remanats from my birthday. I despise my birthday because it means I’m another year older and the farther away I get from 21, the sadder I am. I’m on the bottom sides of my 20s and that freaks me the hell out.

But enough about that. Despite my hatred for growing older, I do not mind going out to celebrate!

I gathered some friends together at Taco Boy, which is the little Mexican restaurant on Folly Beach. They serve fish tacos and have one of my favorite beers (Tecate), so this place is pretty much the most awesome place ever. In fact, it is my favorite restaurant ever.

There was about nine of us there and I had a really good time. We got a couple shots of Tequila, ordered some beers and ate some yummy food. As usual there was a lot of laughs shared and I couldn’t have been happier to be out with friends. After dinner I went to Snapper Jack’s, which is a bar across the street. There were four of us there just having a few more beers and hanging out.

Despite growing a year older, my birthday was a great success.


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10 responses to “Tecate and Fish Tacos

  1. YAY! Happy, Happy Birthday! …cannot think of a better way to celebrate than fish tacos and beer.

  2. shorty

    i left a note on your whiteboard – did you get it?

  3. Jordan – Thank you! It was a great way to celebrate!

    shorty – Yea I got it…7 years ago.
    “19” 2/25/02

    Your note is still on my message board
    That goofy smiley face and my birthday message stare back at me
    They are all I have left since you went home
    The one present I wanted just walked down the hall
    and disappeared in the elevator.
    All I have is this pen and paper,
    this lonely couch, billowing incense, and empty room to celebrate with.
    I make a joke, but your laugh is only an echo in my mind.
    Your giggling rings in my ears,
    That smile showing into between those lips, only a memory.
    Now the incense is long burned-out and the cake half-eaten.
    I realize I’m growing too fast,
    Another year just blew by.
    It’s scary to grow-up.
    One of these days I’ll be forced to mature.
    Why did you have to leave?
    I needed your comfort
    I needed you to free my mind
    I needed you to make me feel like a kid again.

  4. I’m glad you enjoyed your successful bday šŸ˜€ cool people deserve a cool celebration!

  5. heavensenthellbent

    Glad to hear your bday was fun. Although I’m pretty sure it would have been much cooler if I were there to celebrate.

    Did anyone sing happy birthday to you?

  6. Thrice – You are super cool too!

    PiC – It would have been way better if you were there. No one sang to me, but that’s how I wanted it.

  7. Yey! Happy Birthday to you! =) Sounds like you had a blast. I miss tacos and burritos. yum…. Have a great weekend. =) Cheers!

  8. shorty

    i didn’t see this response! awesome. but so depressing that was your 19th birthday. i would kill to be 19 again (and you were “old” then haha….)

    well whatever, in regards to your latest post – i understand how you’re feeling, but try to keep in mind that you’ve been feeling that way for the past 7 years. it’s nothing new. you are just generally against growing up, no matter what age you are. and every age has turned out to be pretty good, right? so just remember that. it’s all a journey. and even though being teenagers and in college was awesome, adulthood is going to have some pretty awesome shit too.

    oh and sorry for thinking it was your birthday a day early haha.

  9. Yea, every year has its own special moments, but I feel like nothing will ever top the feelings and experiences we all went through back then

    I’ll forgive you about the birthday thing…for now.

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