Pace the stairs to your apartment like it’s where you want to be

I have been quite disappointed in my entries as of late, but I just haven’t been feeling all that creative lately.

Nothing all that exciting has occured lately, so I haven’t been all that motivated to write.

-Cute Starbucks Barista has been fairly MIA over the last couple weeks so there has been zero movement there.
-No new girls have entered my life.
-Work has been frustrating, but nothing mind-numbingly stupid has forced me to go on a rant
-I’ve started another grad course (only two left!) so most of my nights are spent doing homework
-It seems my super awesome blogger friends have been MIA as well. Come back to me my babies!

Sadly, you the reader, suffer due to my boring life. I have some exciting plans in the works, so perhaps things will pick up!

March : Boring
April : Possible vacation home, dmb in Charlotte
May : Probable weekend trip home and NJ for the Bamboozle Festival with PiC and KC
June: Very distant possibility of a weekend trip home for dmb in Hartford with the little bro
August: Hopeful weekend trip to George, Washington for dmb at the Gorge with PiC and Samsonite

This weekend was pretty lowkey. The only event worth noting was my trip to John’s Island. Two of my friends (married couple) were having people at their condo for a game night. CF and Swan were going to be there, plus some folks I’ve never met. I figured it would be a nice balance of friends and newbies who could turn into friends, so I was excited. I picked up a bottle of wine and arrived around 830. We played a few different games, ate some food, had a few drinks and eventually just sat and talked about all sorts of different things. I had a really fun time and the newbies were all really nice and fun to hang around with.

Highlights of the night were my shear dominance at a game called Dirty Minds (that should come as no surprise) and ending the night with a game called “Would You Rather…?” This game presents two terrible situations and you have to choose which you would prefer. The game provided for some hilarious explanations. At the end of the night the couple let us know that they would be celebrating the husband’s birthday on Folly Beach this Friday night.

I left the condo quite happy. I had hung out with a group of friends (which I wasn’t sure I would have at any point after my breakup with the Ex), had a great time and met some new people. However, an uneasy feeling entered my mind on the drive home. The ages of the people at the condo ranged from 25-38. All of the new people were in their 30s and the husband is turning 38 on Friday. I got along really well with everyone, which was great, but it was weird that I could relate to people that were well into their 30s.

Now people in their 30s are not old by any stretch, but when I was in college, I would probably view them as such. Somehow I’ve become an adult. I can relate to people who talk about things like the economy and gas prices. What the hell happened? When did this occur? People who were in their late 20s or older always seemed rather foreign to me. They were this weird hybrid of a person. They could still go out and party, but not with the frequency of a college student. They had careers and were serious about life, but not as much as someone in their 40s or older.

Apparently, this is what I am now. There’s no denying that I’m a better, more reliable, more stable, and more responsible version of my former self and that’s a good thing…so why does this seem somewhat tragic to me.

I find myself reminiscing more and more about the past. I don’t just daydream about college or the later years of high school anymore though. I now focus on the memories of my youth as well. Everything seems so distant.

My friend posted videos of my guy friends playing wiffleball. It made me miss that time and them so much. I remember the “problems” I would have had at the time and they seem so ridiculous now. God, I miss those summers. I could believe it when I realized it was 5-6 years ago. I was also shocked to see that the composition Shorty referenced in my birthday entry was written seven freakin years ago.

Where is time going? When did life start to pass me by?


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6 responses to “Pace the stairs to your apartment like it’s where you want to be

  1. scarletdark

    I relate to you completely here- with the creativity and with the age thing.

    I know you have a couple years on me, but I have been feeling the age weirdness thing lately too. Everything after 21 makes me miss the past, even the stupid parts. Being old scares the shit out of me. It’s cool feeling smarter and all, but I miss the blissful ignorance too.

    Lol, also… I have a theory for your current sense of “boringness.” To me, relationships and the possibility of relationships are usually what make my life feel interesting, and distract me from lame things. Maybe that’s at least sort of the case with you too, and you’re just feeling some of that right now? CSB is MIA and there aren’t any other cool girls to rock your world at the moment, so… it seems plausible.

    I’m telling you, though, my harem theory is rock solid. Grapes and palms, maybe some of that nectar juice they mention in Greek mythology… Rock solid.

  2. Hi Witty!
    I think that change occured while you were sleeping, that’s why you haven’t been able to notice.
    Anyway, I don’t think there’s nothing wrong in relating to older (and cool) people, there are lots of things you can learn from them, and viceversa. And that’s one of the cool things of friendship, after all, learning from others.

  3. heavensenthellbent

    Sorry for being away. I’ll be back with an entry, just to lazy to write about anything, when nothing is going on right now.

    Haha you being good at dirty minds?!?!? get outta here.

    I know it feels when you talk about relating to “older” people. I am clearly the youngest person I hang out with up here. Just about everyone else I hang out with is in their late 20’s to late 30’s or older. It’s weird, but at the same time I like it.

    Suggest some kings of leon for me to download.

  4. scarletdark – nectar juice! You keep adding awesome features to my fantasy world! Keep it up!

    Thrice – Thanks for the words of wisdom

    PiC – Sex on Fire, Use Somebody, Be Somebody, and Closer

  5. Yeaaaaaaa the end of February/beginning of March is a slowwww life time all around. My life is same boringness and I have been slow on the blog front as well.

  6. Bloggy – u haz two boyz in ur life, how u boardz?

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