“Skinny people shouldn’t poke each other”

Have I mentioned that I love my fellow bloggers?

Oh, right. I have. Here.

Well, I still love you guys. A lot.

One of my newest buddies – “scarletdark” drew an AWESOME picture for me. She had some drawings she did in her journal and I told her how cool they were. In typical “me” fashion, I then told her she should draw one of me, but with muscles. Much to my surprise she obliged my request.

The kindness of “strangers” can be heart-warming sometimes. These little interactions with people I may never meet in person give me hope that there are lots of awesome people out there.

Anyway, enjoy….

christiansenger2It’s brilliant on so many levels. First, the muscles. Second, the incorporation of the Starbucks Barista, and of course the grapes. Trust me, it’s the complete package.


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9 responses to ““Skinny people shouldn’t poke each other”

  1. Oh man. That’ll be hard to top.

  2. wow..this is awesome..you’re hot btw.

  3. Beth – Hard to top? Hmmm yea, I think all my blog friends need to do things for me and see who is the best. No go, do my biddings.

    Thrice – Why thank you. You aren’t too shabby yourself.

  4. scarletdark

    Yes, yes. I am amazing.

    Speaking of amazing, I was introduced to something new in the skytravel catalogue that could very well be the next big thing since Snuggie. Are you ready for this? http://www.jumpinjammerz.com/
    That’s right. Footie pajamas. Not just any footie pajamas. You can get them with hoods, with chenille, hell- you can even get them in SHEER. God knows what a turn on it is to tramp around in sheer footie pajamas.

    They’re almost as good as the smitten.

    You’re welcome.

  5. um, I LOVE THIS! I want one!! so cool…

  6. scarletdark – WANT.

    Jordan – It is super cool!

  7. heavensenthellbent

    scarletdark – awesome drawing.

    Witty – It’s really too bad you don’t have those muscles, haha. And let me know when you are coming home again. I forgot the dates.

  8. Check your facebook for dates.

    I DO have those muscles…you haven’t seen me, you don’t know.

  9. scarletdark

    Unfortunately now I know I got the look of Starbucks Barista completely wrong. Suck.

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