She’s holding her tonic like a cross

I downloaded and/or bought three albums this week. I’ve listened to two so far. The first is New Found Glory’s “Not Without A Fight.” I’ll talk about it more later. The other is The Airborne Toxic Event’s self-titled release. I really enjoy this album and the more I find out about the band, the more I like them. Here’s a for instance…

This video is the very definition of awesome.

I will fight you if you disagree.

It goes from solid to amazing around the 2:30 mark.


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8 responses to “She’s holding her tonic like a cross

  1. I was all prepared to fight, but you were right- totally awesome. 🙂

  2. Well…it seems it was a great performance…not to die for though. But you know me, you’ll say it’s white then I’ll think it’s black and the other way round.

  3. LiLu – Thanks for stopping by! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    Thrice – It’s okay, not everyone can appreciate it’s awesomeness :p

  4. scarletdark

    So you’re in love with this video specifically? I’m up in the air. I usually hate live performances unless I’m standing in front of them, which puts me in a bad bias to start with. Not to mention that keyboard chick is scaring the crap out of me. That IS a girl, right?
    But… I liked it a lot despite my bias. It was neat to see the violinists keeping beat with it. I’ve never heard this band before. They remind me of the Killers a bit, in a good way.
    You’re going to beat me up now, but I like the song not-live better, and I think I like the music video for the not-live song better too, because I like seeing people glance at each other (*hearts tension*).
    Alright, alright. Fine. Back to the doghouse for me. Thanks for the new band, though. I like them.

  5. scarletdark

    I feel like I always end up remembering something else I was going to say and have to leave two comments all the time like a moron. BUT I wanted to point out that I adored the lyrics, and I don’t often come across lyrics I adore in a way near and dear to my weird little heart, therefore it was important for me to mention. It made my day.
    Go you.

  6. scarletdark – :::sigh::: you make it so hard to love you. I have to agree the chick on the keyboards did look a creepy, but she was just feelin the music, man. I don’t care what version you like better, as long as it is one. I am glad I introduced you to a band (or at least song) that you enjoy! That was the plan!

  7. scarletdark

    Yeah, there’s something about pianos/keyboards that make people look insane. Or at least that’s how I usually justify Chris Martin’s dancing.

    I am very difficult to love, but so irresistible as well! I’m a walking love-hate relationship.

    Yes, you rocked my world with that song, more thank yous to you- I liked it more and more as I kept listening to it. And better yet, I made two other people love it all in the same day! Look at us and our music spreading. We’re like a digital street team.*

    *I wanted to make some sort of musical digital STD joke, but I just couldn’t work it in there, so you get the “street team” metaphor instead. My dirty joke skills have failed you once again. Le sadness.

  8. scarletdark – The STD joke would have been better, but I’m still happy the love for this band is spreading.

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