I’m Feelin This

I just finished my 5000-7000 word paper and closed out yet another course (only one to go!)

In typical slacker style, my paper checked in at a robust 4,500 words. My lack of effort is amazing. Actually, if you watched how much effort I put into not putting in any effort, it would blow your mind.

I have weekend events to recap, CSB mini-updates, and a drama-filled experience with the Ex. However, I do not have the energy.

Instead, you get some album recommendations.

Airborne Toxic Event – Self-Titled :: I already showed off their fancy video from Letterman and now I must implore you to support them by purchasing their album…or you know illegally downloading all the songs. Whichever rocks your socks. Sinners.
Must downloads to get you started: Sometime Around Midnight, Wishing Well, and Missy

The Decemberists – The Hazards of Love :: It’s hard to prepare someone for this album. A few songs could stand on their own, but in reality, the album has to be listened to in its entirety. It’s a sort of “concept record,” which tells a story throughout. The songs blend together and some lines/ideas are repeated just like in a real story/movie. The lyrics are beautiful and the music ranges from relaxing to energizing. Bonus points for unnecessarily long and confusing song titles!
Must downloads to get you started: The Hazards of Love 1 (The Prettiest Whistles Won’t Wrestle the Thistles Undone), A Bower Scene, and The Wanting Comes In Waves / Repaid

New Found Glory – Not Without A Fight :: There is nothing deep about NFG, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love them. They used to do pop-punk perfectly and this album does a good job of mixing their roots with their “matured” sound. If you are the mood for some catchy hooks and riffs than look no further.
Must downloads to get you started: Right Where We Left Off, I’ll Never Love Again, and Such a Mess

Kings of Leon – Only By the Night :: This album is a little older, but is a solid rock effort. Some songs tend to sound similar, but there are some stand-outs.
Must downloads to get you started: Sex on Fire, Use Somebody and Closer

Fall Out Boy – Folie a Duex :: I got this back in September I believe, but never really talked about it. Another solid FOB album. Pretty typical of their style.
Must downloads to get you started: (Coffee’s For Closers), Tiffany Blews, and 20 Dollar Nose Bleed

Please leave any of your own recs in the replies and your thoughts on the above….


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9 responses to “I’m Feelin This

  1. I’ll go with NFG and Kings of Leon…that guy…has a weird effect on me.

  2. Plus points for The Decemberists and Kings of Leon. Because of these two A + recommendations, I will check out Airborne Toxic Event.

    Minus A MILLION points for FOB. I digress, I had their first album and beat it to death (I was in a punk/emo phase) but Pete Wentz alone has ruined this band. I would never say the ‘sold out’ because, um isn’t selling millions of records and getting a Pepsi endorsement deal what its all about? I just really despise Pete.

    I didn’t mean to just RIP into them. I think I’m coming down with cabin fever on spring break. And it’s only Monday. And I’m not even in a cabin. Good Lord, I need to make some friends.

  3. scarletdark

    Hey look, you made a list of albums I’ve been meaning to listen to. Nice one. I’m not even joking, it’s kind of creepy that those are all albums I wanted to listen to. Decemberists is a little bit of a stretch, because I’ve been putting that one off for two years and more or less decided it wasn’t worth it, but since I have liked one or more songs from all these other bands, I will assume you are in the right on this.

    I’ll let you know what I think after I listen to them in some other magical format of my choosing that isn’t this blog comment.

    Gross, I think I was just nice to you for two comments in a row. Don’t get used to it.

  4. heavensenthellbent

    Hey buddy!

    I love getting album recommendations from you…

    The Airborne Toxic Event is pretty sweet. I checked out their acoustic series on youtube and I am a fan. I also got Follie a Duex and I enjoy it. It’s your standard FOB album but still a solid album.

    I gotta keep listening to Kings of Leon, from what I’ve heard I really enjoyed.

    If I had to give you a band to listen to it would be Rogue Wave…My uncle (the one who got us those tickets to MMA) introduced me to them when I was home. They’re good.

    Also…you’re pretty good yourself.

  5. Thrice – Good choices!

    Beth – It’s all good. I can certainly understand the hatred towards Pete Wentz. I try not let my personal feelings towards him affect my thoughts of the band.

    scarletdark – You can’t resist being nice to me. I am growing on you.

    PiC – Hmmm Rogue Wave. I’ll have to check them out, thanks!

  6. shorty

    my response to this is that you are LAME for that tease in the beginning.

  7. shorty – I’ve always been a tease

  8. anc

    Just found your blog through bethis, which I found through so@24…..anyway….. your music taste is fantastic. I just wanted to tell you 🙂

  9. anc – Why thank you! That must mean your taste in music is flawless as well.

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