I freakin hate my job for so many reasons. It took all of 5 minutes on my first day back after an awesome vacation to have my attitude completely ruined.

About six hours into my shift one of my coworkers said, “Dude, you gonna smile today? I haven’t seen you smile at all.” This is how annoyed I have been. My coworkers generally believe I am a good-spirited  person who is always trying to have fun, but lately they’ve noticed my complete turnaround.

Something else that has  been adding to my crappy mood: I was slightly disappointed with some of my home friends. Despite my advanced warning to most of them that I was going to be home on those specific dates, their effort to see me was piss-poor. It was just sad. I greatly appreciated seeing the ones I did see and the effort that some friends put in, even if we couldn’t get plans together.

1. The Fate of the Blog – I am going to keep this up and running for the time being, but this is still under investigation.
2. CSB – OVER. Before I left for home I had already come to that decision. The whole situation was fun at first and it helped me gain some desperately needed confidence, but honestly this was never going anywhere. We’ve barely spoken since I went home, which furthered my opinion of the situation. Meh. I hope it at least made for some good reading.

Good Things to close out the journal so you guys don’t think I go home and cry myself to sleep every night
1. The home trip was great. It was ridiculously relaxing and I got to spend some QT with the family who I miss more than words could describe. The highlight of the trip was going to the casino with them. We had dinner at Jordan’s Steakhouse which was freakin incredible. We had Filet Mignon which was so damn good it was melting in my mouth (that’s what she said?) and some lobster mashed potatoes which were surprisingly delicious.
We then gambled our money away. The best was when we were all taking turns on a slot machine. It was fun to be laughing and cheering with them. It’s funny, when we lost money we would let out a huge sigh or disapproving groan, but you could tell we really didn’t care.
2. My parents’ new puppy may have been the cutest thing ever. I spent a lot of time playing with her. She’s still a little baby so she’s super curious which lead to some great learning experiences for her – Things like running snout first into a person hurts your nose a lot were promptly internalized.
3. I got my dmb tickets in the mail this week!!! I have second row for the show in Charlotte and I am wishing away the days until the concert.


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4 responses to “FML

  1. scarletdark

    Happy Easter? :p

    This blog “up in the air” drama has my curious. Are you shutting down your blog potentially?

    Is it just me or are you blogging less these days? Maybe it was just the vacation.

  2. Happy Easter – There was a chance I was gonna shut it down, but those plans are on hold.

    I have been blogging less, but that was mostly due to being home. I’ll be back eventually!

  3. heavensenthellbent

    You better be back eventually and you better not shut down the blog. Not only did you get me into this but what else am I going to do during my work days. You don’t expect me to actually do work do you?

  4. PiC – I’m not going anywhere. The blog lives on

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