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Sorry everyone its time for me to nerd out…

It’s one of my favorite times of the year and it is occurring a little bit earlier than normal. It’s dmb Tour season!!!! Everyone knows I’m a huge fan of this band, but even if you are not, I’m sure you can appreciate some of the things I am about to describe.

When the band was first starting out, it allowed fans at their shows to record the concerts. These fans would then pass along the tapes (remember those?) to their friends. This served as free promotion for the band and their popularity grew. When the band started to become gigantic, they never stop their taping policy. They still allow their shows to be recorded. If you ever go to a dmb show you can see the mics stands scattered throughout the crowd.

This continues to drive much of the band’s success. I know I am incredibly bias, but this band and the guests they play with are some of the most amazing musicians I’ve ever heard. Every show is completely different (unlike the majority of the punk-type bands I listen to who play the exact same set throughout their tour) so there is always something new to discover. They extend songs into some amazing jams, add intros/outros/interludes, and other such things to enhance each show. Almost every live recording of a song is different than the next. It’s incredible.

There are many sites dedicated to the band, but the best is AntsMarching.org. This site helps me go COMPLETELY fanboy about the band. You can download just about any show this band has played since 1990 or so, check out setlists, and the best part – the site provides you with your personal show stats. You choose which shows you’ve been to (19 so far for me) and it tells you just about everything about those shows. It’s incredible. All of this takes following a band to a completely different level. You probably think that level is stalking….meh, details…

Adding to my excitement this year is…
1. There is a new album due out on June 2nd (with the new single hitting radio tomorrow), which means new songs will be played this Spring/Summer
2. I have second row tickets for the Charlotte show on April 24th
3. I’m still planning on going to other shows
4. Last year’s tour was my favorite (I listened to a bunch of the shows, went to two, and saw every damn setlist, so trust me on that one)

I cannot freakin wait. Even though I won’t be at their opening show in NYC tomorrow, I will certainly be watching the setlist and downloading the show in a few days. I’m a little psycho, but you are going to have to deal with it over the next few months.

Please still love me.

Want to catch dmb fever? Well watch the album preview videos below and enjoy the album artwork drawn by Dave himself.

Very short clip of Boyd laying down a violin track while Dave relaxes on the couch

Clip of some fans being let into the New Orleans studio to listen to a clip of the album’s opening track (Fast forward to the 1:10 mark when you can actually hear the clip. Ignore the annoying fans dancing around like morons)

Clip with a few of the new songs playing in the background and interviews with the band centered around making the new album without LeRoi who passed away during the Summer Tour last year.

The album artwork features a New Orleans-style funeral, which is clearly another ode to Roi.


UPDATE: Download the new single for FREE!!! here.


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16 responses to “Dive In

  1. Love DMB concerts outside 😉 It makes the summer!

    I didn’t know you were in Chas- we should grab a beer this weekend!

  2. LiLu – I agree, it really does make the summer! I have to work all weekend, but I should be able to get a drink after work one night!

  3. heavensenthellbent

    Awwww man. DMB season! I think spring should just be renamed that.

    Do you remember when I was living at my old house, the DMB shrine I had. I had every album and its lyrics printed out and used it at wallpaper above my bed? Well turns out I kept them after I moved, I just found them in one of my boxes that I’ve been carrying around for years.

    Its too bad I don’t really know anyone up here who loves Dave as much as us. Our goal in a year or so is to travel someplace cool and go to a show.

  4. I do remember the shrine. I had a much smaller version at my house, which is still there. Can’t wait to see a show with you again!

  5. peacebetween

    Wow. I think you like DMB almost as much as I like David Cook. I find it refreshing that you can admit to your fan-boy status…. I know how that goes, though I am more of a fan-girl ha….. btw, this is anc. I’ve commented before but recently switched blogs.

  6. I totally just lost a little respect for you. I’m the kind of person who writes ‘death before dave matthews’ in her favorite music section.

    Then again, I’m totally fanboy about Kellie Pickler, Carrie Underwood, and Taylor Swift which is pretty embarassing. The world STOPS when they’re on TV. Too bad none of them ever make it up to Nor Cal for a concert!

    P to the S, I’m coming to Durham this summer!

  7. peacebetween – You have a new blog? What’s the address?

    Elizabeth – Not everyone understands genius 🙂

  8. peacebetween


    ch-ch-check it out

  9. Ok, if you can like DMB than I can like American Idol. It’ll be a compromise.Just sayin’…

  10. Deal. That’s all I was looking for

  11. I’ve never been to a dmb concert, though I’ve heard only good things about what they’re like live.

    Just have to tell you – in my ongoing effort to procrastinate at work, I stumpled across your blog and have officially spent my entire morning catching up on all your posts. Thanks for making my morning entertaining.

  12. Stumpled = stumbled

  13. Jess – They are a blast, I’m sure you would enjoy going to a concert!
    I’m glad I made your morning entertaining! I hope you keep coming back!

  14. scarletdark


  15. wow Witty! you are popular! gee whiz! I need some blog love from your readers…>P

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