Jack of All Trades…ish

I want a thing.

I want to be awesome at something.

I want to be so awesome at that something, that people think of me when they think of that something.

Hell, I’d settle for being better than most people at something.

I tend to get these little obsessions with things, well really, I just get obsessions about the IDEA of things. Something will spark my imagination and I’ll just have to have that something. I will eventually get that something and after a few failed attempts, I will give up or move on to my next obsession.

Some people would call this lazy (and yes, part of it is laziness), but I like to call it insatiable-ness. My thirst for learning and life can not be quenched!

That or I’m ADD…you be the judge.

It started when I was a kid. Football was my obsession. Unsurprisingly, this did not pan out. I was not blessed with what one might call “muscles” or “God-given ability.”

When it became clear that girls liked poems and things written about them, I moved on to writing. In high school and parts of college I liked to believe I was great writer. After rereading some older journal entries and some poems, I now realize this was incredibly false.

I used to work for my college’s radio station and I actually believe I did a pretty good job at that. I would do some music shows, but mostly I did commentary for football and basketball games. I LOVED doing this. Sadly, I will probably never do this professionally. Part of me wants to just find a college radio station in the area, get my own show and just have fun with it. I still may do this someday.  In the meantime I can’t really just take it up as a hobby. People tend to get pissed when you do play-by-play in the stands.

Last Christmas the obsession was a skateboard. I never thought I was going to be great at it, but I just wanted to be good enough to ride it around a little. I’ve been on the board maybe 5 times. All of these times have been fun, but I never fell in love with it. It just never “grabbed a hold of me.” It’s a neat, funny activity but that’s about it. My skateboard now sits on my porch.

I then wanted to learn a new language. Spanish made sense since I took in in high school. I realized going to school or buying the Rosetta Stone was way too expensive so I settled on illegally downloading the Rosetta Stone software. Upon discovering the files were in some weird format that I didn’t understand how to convert to anything relevant to me, I decided Spanish was not for me anymore.

Next up – maybe I’ll get into shape! I could be hot, in-shape guy! I bought the Iron Gym and some sweet Nike+ shoes. If anyone has seen me in person lately, you know that I epically failed at this as well.

My latest obsession is with the acoustic guitar. This delusion of grandeur hasn’t taunted me since early in college. This appears to be my next failed mission.

I’m glad I’m trying a bunch of random things and there are other things I would like to at least try someday, but I just wish something would stick. I like being able to at least relate to most other people’s activities/jobs/passions on a layman’s level, but I wish I had my own thing.


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22 responses to “Jack of All Trades…ish

  1. I TOTALLY do the same thing. I’ve been briefly obsessed with many things, including (but not limited to): the harmonica, snowboarding, hoop earrings, elite-indie music, the Peace Corps, really old movies, and detoxing. My bedroom is a graveyard for failed hobbies.

    What’s ironic is that all the stuff I actually AM good at I will drop and deny until the bitter end.

    I swear I’m not stalking you, I was just online at the same time.

  2. heavensenthellbent


    Just want to give you a shout out, you were awesome on the radio. I always enjoyed listening.

    I’m right with you on failed missions. The one thing that I do enjoy these days is running and working out. I tend to find that when I do it, I feel so much better about myself. I think you should keep going with that one.

    Oh man I’m watching the sword of destiny episode of Arrested Development…Absolutely amazing.

  3. I know the feeling – I’ve always wanted to have a “thing” too, but also have the whole never being fully committed thing going on as well. Maybe that will change when you actually find that one thing. And, in the meantime, just trying to find a hobby you’re passionate about may make for some really great blog fodder. (Maybe that could be your thing!)

  4. meaninglessmetaphors

    I totally understand what you are saying and have felt the same way, but at the same time when you have a thing…doesn’t that define you? Do you really want to be Christian that guy that plays the guitar? Or would you rather be Christian the awesome guy that does lots of different cool things and is always up for a good time?

    Just a thought. Besides, I’m pretty sure that writing is still kind of your thing. You do a very nice job of entertaining us all by telling stories about somewhat simple things (crush on a woman at starbucks) and makes them super intriguing! You go sir!!

  5. Stalker – Don’t just say you do the same stuff I do so I like you and read your blog more. :p

    PiC – Thanks for the compliment. See, I would take your advice, but then I’d have to work out which makes me sweaty and tired.

    Jess – Sadly, that may just turn into my thing. I’ll be like Morgan Spurlock (“Super Size Me”) and just take up a hobby for 30 straight days and then move on.

  6. meaningless metaphors – Um, yes, yes I want to be Christian the guy who plays guitar. Everyone loves that guy..especially chicks!
    I’m glad my fake crushes and failed relationships entertain you “taken” folk.
    Oh and way to say my name on my secret blog..ass. Although it’s no longer secret.

  7. You have clearly found out my master plan. I’m obviously not as stealth as I thought.

    And as to your comment on BB4H: You’re like, the 8th person to tell me that. But when the ‘rents say ‘We ain’t payin’, I tend to listen. In case you haven’t heard, San Francisco is an expensive city and I have a very expensive book (ok, clothes) vice. I can’t pay the rent with my charm and good looks, unfortch!

  8. So not an excuse. Working and having money isn’t as awesome as going to school and being poor. Trust me.

  9. Being poor and going to school is verrrry trendy in SF right now. I would be so edgy. I could get an apartment in the mission and live off of veggie chips, cigarettes and coffee. And wear skinny jeans. And Ray Bans. And I would have a real reason to hang out at this super rad dive bar there. And I could find an equally broke bike messenger to date.

    But I like swimming against the crowd. And showering. Guess I’m movin home!

  10. Moving home is also an awesome plan. Mooch off the rents for a long while

  11. Done and done! I get a car, free rent, and a gym membership. Plus a pool in 100 degree heat. it might not be as bad as previously thought…

  12. heavensenthellbent

    Hey man sweaty and tired is better than being cold and wet right? I mean at least sweaty means you got a workout from either sex or running/lifting and the second one will at least make you look like you aren’t 12, haha sorry I had to take a shot. But in all honesty working out and running has become one of the best self pick me ups I have ever found. Most of the time I dread doing the workout but when its over I tend to feel good about myself and am extremely happy. I found that becoming determined to do this has also helped me concentrate on other things as well.

  13. meaninglessmetaphors

    Oops. My bad….lo siento.

  14. PiC – Sex is a workout? I quit that too…you know, if I was actually having it.

  15. cjd

    I think I’ve tried 4 of the 7 things you mentioned, and failed too, except at writing. You could always go back to that. I agree with meaninglessmetaphors. Your entries are pretty intriguing–not to devoid them of any substance and value or anything, but maybe to point out that you’re actually good at what you say you’ve failed at; you just haven’t stuck around to find out.

    Anyway, my point in replying was to ask, “Have you ever tried filmmaking?” That’d be a cool failed mission (It didn’t work for me but it was fun at least). And if you’re really bold…scriptwriting AND filmmaking…Just keep trying and you’re bound to find something.

    One last quote to leave you with: “You can’t choose what you love. It chooses you.”

  16. Welcome cjd! I appreciate all of your comments and I will try to take your advice. I’ve toyed with the idea of doing something film-related. I never really thought about a movie project, but just casual, fun things. Nothing serious.

  17. scriptedmedia

    Sounds good! I think people should try film at least once in their lives. It’s the only thing that allows you to incorporate everything you like in one thing.

    And I hope it’s okay I linked your blog on mine. 🙂

    Whoops, this is cjd by the way!

  18. i always wanted to be a female carpenter. i mean, that would be so awesome. i could have a toolbelt and build shit and wear big gloves! awesome!

  19. “Beth” – Do I know you? You look like a girl who used to comment around here…. 😛

  20. scriptedmedia – That’s no problem! Thanks!

  21. scarletdark

    I think everyone who is not a millionaire has this problem.

    But I think of you as “that guy who never fails at wit” if it makes you feel any better.

  22. Hahaha that does help. Thanks

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