Why I Am

Argh. I’m checking out dmb’s setlist from their show on 4/22 in Raleigh, which was their more recent show.

The set totally rocked, so I’m worried that this Friday’s show (the one I’m going to) isn’t going to be that great. Seriously, there was only one song I would have removed.

Oh well, I’m still gonna be sitting in the second row and no dmb show ever sucks, so I’m sure I’ll have a blast.
In preparation of what will probably be one of the highlights of my year, here is my dream setlist, which will never happen in a million years, but a fanboy can dream. Despite my high hopes, I tried to keep it as realistic as possible though.

For those who have never seen a dmb-type setlist, here is the key:

Songs are in Bold

Intros/Outros: Short lead-ins/conclusions that are not included in the studio version of a song: These are in italics

Interpolations: Lyrics/Jams that are not part of the studio version that are mixed into the middle of a song. These are also in italics

“—>” : Designates a segue. This means there is no break in the set and the songs blend together.

Heartbeat Intro —>
Pantala Naga Pampa —>
You Might Die Trying
Sweet Up & Down

Some People Do, Some People Don’t Intro — >
On Broadway Intro —>

Recently (Pretty Pretty Girl Outro) —>
Water Into Wine (Short version)
Funny the Way It Is
You Never Know
Old Dirt Hill (Tease) —->
Why I Am —>
Anyone Seen the Bridge —>
Too Much
(Lil John Outro)
Time of the Season
(Hoedown Interpolation)
Stop-Time Intro —>
Warehouse (Louie, Louie Outro)
Burning Down the House
# 27
The Idea of You
Two Step

# 40 (Dave Solo)
Money (That’s What I Want)
Halloween —>
Last Stop Reprise


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5 responses to “Why I Am

  1. Oh man. Nerd alert.

    I would like to point out that I do not know any of those songs on that set list.

  2. Stalker alert. I’d rather be a nerd then a creepo stalker.

    You definitely know Burning Down the House. It’s a cover song.

  3. heavensenthellbent

    Oh man thats an awesome set list and you know how jealous I am that Halloween was the ender!

    Hope the show rocks tonight!

  4. You mean how jealous you WOULD be. That setlist is what I want for tonight, it will in know way happen.

  5. heavensenthellbent

    haha yeah of course.

    Have a great time man.

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