Carter Beauford on the Drums!!

I have been wishing away the days for months in anticipation of the dmb show in Charlotte. Sadly, all that wishing did was make me want more and realize how few-and-far between the good times are these days.

I’ll try to keep this entry as short as possible for all you non-dmb fans.

We left pretty early with the grand plans to tailgate, relax, and get to our seats well in advance of the band starting. We had second row seats and I wanted to savor every moment. Last year’s fourth row experience was one of the best of my life.

We ran into traffic right near the venue and then the police directed all of us away from the only road I knew how to get to the amphitheater. Long story short, we missed a turn, got re-stuck in traffic and missed part of the show. I was pretty pissed off at this point. Luckily, we could hear every song as we were in traffic, parking, walking in, buying beer, and find our seats. It certainly made the night even shorter however.

As expected, our seats were incredible. We were only two seats off center, so Dave was right in front of us the whole show. Just like last year, the band was on fire (even if the setlist was average) and full of life. Once I got there, I forgot all about the traffic and other crap in my life and had an amazing time. Not as amazing as the chick in front of me though. This girl was going nuts all night. She never stopped dancing and was having the time of her life. Sure she was super weird, everyone made fun of her, and she sounded like she smoked 14 packs a day, but there was no one having a better time then her. Good for her.

Here’s the setlist…

April 24, 2009
Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre Charlotte, Charlotte, NC

Pantala Naga Pampa >>
Where Are You Going

Stay or Leave

(Pretty Pretty Girl Outro)
Burning Down the House

(Finally in our seats at this point)

Why I Am
Spaceman »
Cornbread (“Hoedown” Interpolation)
So Much to Say »
Anyone Seen the Bridge »
Too Much [fake] »
Tripping Billies
Funny the Way It Is
So Damn Lucky
Grey Street
Blue Water [partial]
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken Outro)
Stay (Wasting Time)

Quite possibly the worst encore ever, but they still played their asses off. I saw a setlist after, which showed “The Maker” instead
of “Crash Into Me,” which I would have prefered..meh.
-Jams on #41 and Crush were insane.
-New songs sound really awesome
-I was totally faked out by the tease of Too Much which they switched to Billies.
-Dave did the crazy dance ever during Cornbread
-Dave was super talkative and as weird as always
-Best Dave quote of the night – “Tim Reynolds freaks me out”
-Despite playing with each other for damn near 20 years, they are all still in awe of Carter…rightfully so.
-Burning Down the House torn the damn roof off
-Crowd was great. Dave commented on how energetic everyone was and Stefan mentioned the same in Twitter today.
-Dave damn near cracked up during Crash as he watched that crazy girl in front of me
-Blue Water was a nice surprise, even if it was only one verse
At the end of every regular set and then after the encore, Dave throws out his guitar picks, Carter throws out a ton of drum sticks,
and someone always throws out the setlists. Our goal was to catch one of these after being close last year. We did not
After the band had cleared out (and so did most of the crowd around us), one of the drum techs started tossing out what looked
like large plates or frisbees. I grabbed two that were stuck together, but had no idea what it was.
After careful inspection, it turns out I caught two of Carter’s drum heads! This more than made up for being late to the show.
Basically, as the show goes on, Carter has the top parts of his drums replaced. They have no use for them so they throw them out.
And I now own one! Yes!!!!!!!!
/fanboy rant


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5 responses to “Carter Beauford on the Drums!!

  1. By ‘non-dmb fans’ did you mean me? Because that would be legit.

    Just kidding. I was that lady in front of you. I thought about saying “Hey! Aren’t you that blog guy that hates his job more than I do?!” But I was too into the music, man. Next time.

    Glad you had fun!

  2. heavensenthellbent

    Why do I get the feeling that the “girl” dancing in the front was really you. Sucks that you guys were late but still it sounds like it was an awesome night. I can’t wait for June!

    BTW I can’t for the life of me if I went to any DMB shows in ’04. That would have been the summer before I moved into 1oooh1 right?

  3. Elizabeth – Thanks! You should have said hey though!

    PiC – Because it was me. I want to go to the Syracuse show with you! But GA tix are like $500+ on Stubhub. On an unrelated note, can I borrow $500+ for…um..the homeless…children…that can’t read good?

  4. I’ll remember to say hi if you remember to get me Taylor Swift tickets!!

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