Shameless cry for help

Hey guys – Sorry to bug you about this, but there is a contest I really want to win involving dmb.

You may have heard that I am slightly obsessed with them…see previous posts for proof.

If you could, just say you are attending my facebook event (even if you can’t/won’t if I win). If I have one of the Top 100 “attended” parties, I will win an advanced copy of the new CD and some other cool stuff. Please pass along to any DMB fans or people who just want to help and I will hook them up in anyway I can if I win.
Even if you hate the band and/or me, please help me out! Thank!

What better way to thank me for spilling my guts and telling embarrassing stories for your entertainment?

Click here or follow the address below:

Thank you so much in advance!


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5 responses to “Shameless cry for help

  1. scarletdark

    To make myself feel better, I’m going to tell myself that DMB is your World of Warcraft, and that we are both equally nerdy.

  2. scarletdark

    Actually, I have a whole photo album dedicated to picks and other signed memorabilia I’ve gotten at Chevelle concerts, so I feel your fanboi-pain.

  3. Glad we each have our nerdy obsessions. Some more nerdy than others….

  4. Boo…too bad I ignored your invitation before reading this post…sorry 😦

  5. Thrice – It’s okay! Go join anyway! They may not have looked at my page yet!

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