Obligatory I have nothing to talk about so I’ll just make a bullet list post

Things That Make My Life Happy Right Now

1. Tequila

2. Rachel Maddow

3. Whiskey Sour

4. My puppy

5. South Carolina weather

6. Friends

7. The coasters my Grandma made me

8. “Crazy Easy” by dmb

9. Sleeping in

10. Not working

11. Amy Poehler

12. KFC grilled chicken

13. Learning some notes on my guitar

14. Cop-out blog posts

15. Discussions about the Mooninites

16. Blackberry Messenger

17. My finger tips being numb from guitar lessons
Stuff Making Me Sad

1.  Lack of Drewbear

2. Scrubs season finale

3. Fast food restaurants closing super early in my town

4. I didn’t feel the mini earthquake that hit my town today

5. Missing my family

6. Finding out something that you wish would forever leave your mind

7. Probably going to miss Alkaline Trio/Saves the Day on Friday


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9 responses to “Obligatory I have nothing to talk about so I’ll just make a bullet list post

  1. heavensenthellbent

    too many numbers to post on, But “Crazy Easy” = greatness.

    1: Lack of drewbear. Hes becoming worse than I was circa 2007

    Every time I hear obligatory I think of “Techno” the Strong Bad email.

  2. #5 on the first list makes me hate you. I want my South Carolina weather really bad. I want sunshine and summertime. Damn New York’s weather.

  3. I’m addicted to BBM. It’s ridac.

  4. PiC – Crazy-Easy has been on constant rotation for a few weeks now. Drewbear has been quite MIA.

    Ania – It was over 80 today. Super humid, but I’m not complaining

    Elizabeth – BBs in general rock.

  5. The season finale of Scrubs made me sad too.

  6. So hey, KFC grilled chicken is good, eh? I’ve been wondering.

  7. Jess – Very sad.

    Christina – It’s as good as, well..you know, KFC chicken can be

  8. Argh! Alkaline Trio and Saves the Day??? where! how do u find out about all those great bands playing everywhere! Arghhh!

  9. Thrice – They were in Charleston, but I missed it. I just go to my favorite band’s websites to look up tour dates or I go to area venue’s websites.

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