Tour : Minor Leagues

My Tour of the Lowcountry continues to plug right along!

Saturday I went to a minor league baseball game, which I have done often, but I still wanted to mention it has part of my “Tour.” Not only do I want to detail my explorations for my own reasons, but I also want you all to better understand my current home.

South Carolina has ZERO professional sports teams, well they “share” teams with the Other Carolina (Panthers, Hurricanes), but everyone knows they are really NC’s teams.

College football is HUGE in this state, but the major teams (Univ of SC and Clemson) are over an hour away from Charleston, so nothing of significance is nearby.

All is not lost however. There are three minor league teams in the area and these are much more affordable than the big shots anyway.

We have the Charleston Riverdogs (baseball), South Carolina Stingrays (Hockey), and Charleston Battery (soccer).

I have been to numerous Riverdogs games and I always have a great time. The stadium sits on the banks of the Ashley River and its surrounding marshes, all of which you can see in the park. This makes going to games quite the relaxing, but fun experience. There are always zany contests and odd hot dog creations to keep you entertained and full as well!

Of course, there is always $1 beer night on Thursdays. Those are clearly the best nights to go.

Needless to say, most of the fun of going to a Riverdogs game is the atmosphere and hanging with friends, but that doesn’t mean the game is completely ignored. Even if you don’t love baseball, going to a minor league game would still be quite entertaining. I highly recommend going.

Trivia for my PiC – Here are some notable former Riverdogs: Rocco Balldelli, Josh Hamilton, Phil Hughes, and BJ Upton.

Tonight I went to my first Stingrays’ game and I had a great time! The team is playing in the Kelly Cup, which is their league’s championship. They won 4-2 tonight to go up 2 games to 1! As usual there was overpriced beer and gross food, but hey, that’s half the fun! It was super cold and the arena and there wasn’t as much going on like the Riverdogs, but it was still a great time!


The Tour is off to a good start, but its going to be put on a little hold as I travel to New England Sat-Tues. I was originally going to go home for a DMB show in NYC, but I did not get tickets to the record release concert. Tickets were really limited and I was put into a lottery, which I did not win.

I had already taken the days off, so I figured I’d still go home and see my family and some friends. My little bro surprised me tonight with the following proposition: “Want to try and see DMB at Fenway Park in Boston on Saturday?”

Um, yes.

It’s not defnite yet, but we may get tickets on eBay or Stubhub, which would be awesome!!!!

Last random piece of info – keep my pup in your thoughts as she has her second round of heartworm treatment tomorrow. She should be okay, but she’s gotta stay at the vet overnight, so I’m pretty bummed for her.


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5 responses to “Tour : Minor Leagues

  1. That’s cool…Stingrays…I love the name… I wonder if there’s a team in the states carrying “sharks” in its name.

  2. There is! San Jose Sharks – it’s a pro team.

  3. sgtowg

    OMG in Sac we have the Rivercats! It’s the Oakland A’s field team. My family used to be really into it, we had season tickets. Being from CALIFORNIA and all, I’ve never had the issue of ownership of a pro sports team. We have the Kings, the Warriors, the Sharks, The A’s, the Giants, the Niner’s, and the Radiers— and that’s just NorCal. Keep up the good fight.

  4. Riverdogs > Rivercats :p

  5. sgtowg

    I disagree completely. Those games are epic. They have a giant Rivercat that dances, a hot dog cannon that shoots out hot dogs, hot peanuts, and it’s right on the Sacramento River and you can see the Tower Bridge and everything! At night games they have fireworks! And the Delta Breeze kicks in!

    Now I want to go to a game. Sadly, I do not have any friends. So if you’re ever in Sac, at a Rivercats game and you see a four-eyed girl with mustard stains all by her lonesome, it’s me.

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