Southerners Love Their Booze

I’ve noticed a common theme during my Charleston Tour – it involves a lot of drinking. Southerners enjoy their cocktails that is for sure.

Earlier this week I made a visit I have been anxiously awaiting for and it certainly lived up to its hype.

I made the journey to Mount Pleasant in order to finally visit cinnebarre.

According to the theater’s website, “Cinebarre is a movie theater that offers restaurant operations serving food, beer and wine – before and during the showcasing of popular first-run films, specialty programming and celebrity events – all in a unique and fun setting!”

True statements.

I went with The Ex and Booze to see the Hangover. I had already seen it, but the thrill of restaurant-type food and beer being served ensured I would have no problem seeing the film again.

The first showing was sold-out, so we had to hang around for about an hour before the next showing. Predictably, we grabbed a drink at the bar. We eventually made our way into the theater. There are less rows than a normal theater because there are long tables in front of each row. Each table has menus with pretty standard fare – hamburgers, fries, pizza, sandwiches, etc. There is also a pretty well stocked drink menu – beer (bottles/buckets), wine, margaritas, mimosas, and non-alcoholic drinks as well.

You write down what you want, a server picks up your order and then serves you just as the movie is starting. It’s pretty awesome. The food is actually decent, but I don’t think really go out of  my way to eat there. It was definitely fun to grab a few drinks while watching the movie. Ideally, anytime a comedy film comes out, I’m gonna head that way with some friends.

A few nights later, I went with The Ex, Booze, and Swan to Tsunami’s in downtown Charleston. I had been there before, but only for a few drinks. The bar was crowded, so we decided to get a table. We felt bad just ordering drinks so we decided to grab some sushi as well. We split a Veggie, Eel, and Super Crunch Rolls. Super Crunch is Tempura Shrimp, Cucumber, and Spicy Mayo with Shrimp and Avocado on top. All were really good.

We also decided to try some Sake. I had never had it before, so I was pretty excited. We had it served warm and it was green apple flavored. We order a “small” which should have been a little more than a shot each, but our waitress felt bad that she was bringing our drinks out pretty slowly, so she got us the biggest size they had. WIN!

The Sake was actually quite tasty. We finished off the night with some $1 Bluemoons and then hit up Wild Wings for some Firefly (Sweet Tea Vodka that’s made here) & lemonade. It was a night well spent.

Highlights – stealing a parking lot sign, playing the Buck Hunter game and seeing a drunk kid puking in the backseat of a cop car.

We had also gone to Wild Wings earlier in the week for Trivia, which was a first for me. We did pretty well and one of our friends won a free bucket of beer to finish off the night!

The Tour moves on to Myrtle Beach tomorrow morning as move slightly north for a couple days!


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9 responses to “Southerners Love Their Booze

  1. I watched the Hangover at a similar place. The movie doesn’t need booze to make it funny, but oh it was so much funnier!!

  2. Jodi B – The movie definitely doesn’t need booze, but it was still welcome.

  3. meaninglessmetaphors

    Wow, it sounds like you are having quite the fun times down there. I wish I was more financially stable and could come down to visit!

    Can’t wait to hear about the trouble you get into in Myrtle :o)

    Miss you!

  4. Wild Wings + Firefly = Best. Combo. EVER!

  5. MM – I have definitely been having some fun lately! I wish you could come visit too 😦

    LiLu – Yea, it was definitely a good time!

  6. sgtowg

    WY DON’T I LIVE IN SOUTH CAROLINA?! Sweet tea vodka?! I mean, c’mon. I hear Myrtle Beach is lovely. I plan to head that way if I ever go on my epic road trip.

  7. sgtowg – Haha. Firefly is making it’s way around the country, so look out for it! Also, if you ever come to SC. Myrtle is a great place to visit and Charleston is an awesome place all around…you can probably skip the rest.

  8. I think I may need to check that place out. It sounds pretty great, food and a movie? Is it really pricey though?

  9. Ania – It’s not that bad. Ticket was pretty normal and food wasn’t bad depending on what you ordered. Some stuff was expensive.

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