Mouth Meet Foot

The Governor of my fine state continues to dig his ditch even deeper.

Mark Sanford refuses to shut his mouth and continues to talk about the affair he has been having with the woman from Argentina. His press conferences have been filled with PLENTY of TMI. After I read every quote, I shudder thinking about what his poor wife and children are going through.

They must be devastated already, but he won’t shut up about his mistress that it can only be adding to their pain. It’s terrible.

Here’s the latest:

1. Sanford compared his story to that of King David. “Disinterested in governing, King David either seduced or raped Bathsheba, resulting in her pregnancy, his attempts at a cover-up and his eventual assassination of her husband, a military leader” (source). Eventually, King David admitted his sins and all was forgiven! Horray!

So, I get that you are the governor of a SUPER Christian state, but that doesn’t mean you can just invoke some story from the Bible and expect to be forgiven.  It was a pathetic attempt to justify what he did.

THEN came these gems…

Earlier today he admitted “that he had visited with his Argentine mistress more times than he initially disclosed and that he had had inappropriate flirtations with several other women as well.”

I appreciate the honesty, but those are details maybe you keep between just your wife and yourself. He then goes on to say, “This was a whole lot more than a simple affair; this was a love story. A forbidden one, a tragic one, but a love story at the end of the day.” He followed that up by saying his mistress was his soul mate, but he is trying to fall back in love with his wife.

Wow, I bet Mrs. Sanford was flattered to hear that and must be ever-so excited to patch things up.


What the fuck must his kids must be thinking? This guy is quickly becoming one of the biggest douches in history.

So, for those of you who voted for the McCain/Palin ticket you must have been on to something. Apparently, Palin doesn’t just have God on her side, but she also speaks directly THROUGH her.

Someone released an e-mail she wrote to friends after the birth of her son, Trig (oh and what the fuck is up with childrens’ names? Trig/Track/Piper/Bristol/Willow??) But I digress…in this e-mail,she wrote the e-mail not in her own name but in God’s, and signed it “Trig’s Creator, Your Heavenly Father.”

I don’t know even know how to make fun of this. I can only steal a line from the Hangover – “You are literally too stupid to make insult.”


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2 responses to “Mouth Meet Foot

  1. sgtowg

    Great post! I’m over Sanford. If I just didn’t show up to work for seven days, I would be fired. So why does he get to keep the job?! Poor kids. They’re going to google this one day and just be like, WTF, Dad?!

  2. sgtowg – I would imagine they are going to be ridiculed at school as well. The whole situation is completely ridiculous.

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