Find a Job

For those job-seekers out there (or if you are just looking to help out a friend of a friend), check-out my buddy’s new website.

The Network Force

The site is dedicated to networking and helping people find jobs. What sets it apart is it adds a personal spin to your resume/job postings.

The site is still developing, but there are MANY employers already listed. There is no fee to sign up and the site is essentially a Career Builder/Facebook hybrid.

Check it out, sign-up (there is no spam e-mail I assure you) or check them out on Facebook or Twitter for more information.
Thanks guys!


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2 responses to “Find a Job

  1. Awesome! Lord knows I have a ton of friends looking right now… I’ll send this their way 🙂

  2. One of the most important thing when you looking for a job is job search technology. Today the searching technology that will find you a new job is the greatest in history. Internet technology can be leveraged to locate the jobs you want. There are a great many good job search websites that can help you begin. Site like have great places to find job postings and to begin to learn how to find your desired job.

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