Not much to report.

I’ve been pretty damn busy thanks to work. We’ve been working six-day work weeks with crap loads of overtime and jerk customers. The plus side of course is that I will be making a good amount of money this month.

The Alltel conversion has been nuts (hence the crazy hours) and we have been packed. We had a 45 minute-1 hour wait today. I would NEVER wait that long for help in a cell phone store, but lots of people did. Weirdos…

All of the Alltel employees from the store near our store now work with us, so it’s been fun to have some new people to meet.

When I wasn’t working, I attempted to hang with friends. I got to see a few different groups of people, but nothing that exciting happened.

DG just proposed that we go backpacking in Europe. Thoughts?


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6 responses to “#27

  1. DO IT.

    Is that really a question? 😉

  2. sgtowg

    DO IT.

    What was this ‘FINCH’ business you commented on BB4H with??

  3. “The I want you to know…” quote under the picture in your journal is very similar to lyrics from a song by a band called Finch.

  4. scarletdark

    In response to your tag, no that is not weird, because I imagined the same thing without even knowing who DG is. Or maybe we’re both weird. or maybe you’re weird and that has nothing to do with imagining DG proposing to you.

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