And they dance the Charleston

Work has been insane, but I finally had the day off on Friday.

I took full advantage of it and spent the entire day in downtown Charleston.

I’m a little tired from the crazy work schedule, so this entry may lack some details, but believe me when I say I freakin love Charleston. I had a great time and wish I could spend more days just walking around the area.

I knocked off a bunch of stuff from the list.

The central point of what I deem downtown is Market Street. The street is lined with bars, restaurants and shops and is divided by the Market. The market is a three-block, open-air market place where lots of local products are sold. Things like seagrass baskets, paintings, jewlery, and other little knick-knacks. The highlight has to be the art – some of the paintings are amazing and I really wanted to purchase some, but they are pretty damn expensive.



After a quick stop at the candy store for some gelato, it was off to the new Moonpie General Store. It was kind of  silly place to visit, but something different. The place is dedicated to moonpies (obviously) but they have ice cream, random sodas in old school bottles, etc.

Next up was Waterfront park. There is a pier that has porch-swings, tables, and benches. You can just relax and look out into the Charleston Harbor. I could see the Cooper River Bridge, Fort Sumter, and lots of boats. It was an amazing view.


The best part of Waterfront park is the fountain. People like to walk around and relax in the fountain and a lot of times kids are splashing around too. It’s a really awesome part of downtown.


After relaxing in the fountain, it was time for food at my favorite restaurant – Taco Boy! A new location opened downtown and despite the less than stellar neighbor surrounding it, the new restaurant was a lot of fun.

The Battery and White Pointe Gardens was next. This was pretty amazing as well. There’s a board-walk of sorts that lines the ocean. Across the street from the boardwalk is Rainbow Row, which is a section of mansions. It was quite the site.

The Gardens have numerous Civil (and other) War weapons as well as statutes. I decided it was a good idea to take home some ‘sweetgrass’ (palm leaves) that I found left near the board-walk.


The last stop was the Charleston Beer Exchange. This is a package store off Exchange Street which is known for their “Growlers.” Growlers are jugs that you can fill with any of the five or so beers that they rotate around every month. It’s usually rare or unusual beers. I bought a growler of a wheat beer brewed in Georgia and can’t wait to try it!

I had an incredible time downtown and can’t wait for my next available day to visit again. I usually only go to bars there at night, so it was a nice change to see the incredible things I miss during that time.


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4 responses to “And they dance the Charleston

  1. J

    Sounds like so much fun. I really wish I could visit this year :o(

  2. scarletdark

    Your town looks much cleaner than mine.

  3. Oh I love the pineapple fountain. Anytime we take visitors to Charleston we make them take a picture with the fountain because if they don’t have one, they haven’t been to Charleston.

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