“Nazism is not a Metaphor”

For those of you who associate yourselves in any way with these types of people…well, you’re an idiot.

I am in no away anti-Republican.

I am anti-Crazy. And lately, a lot of hardcore right wingers, conservative talk show hosts (Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, et al.), and right wing corporations have overdosed on a shitload of crazy pills.

These talk show hosts and corporations are comparing Obama to Hitler and his health care plan to the Nazi movement. They have also said the new health care plan will push people into suicide and aid in killing the elderly. I wish I was joking.

These guys/groups get these ridiculous ideas into the public’s head and they eat it up. People are dumb. I’m sorry, but most humans are incredibly idiotic. We’ll believe anything we see on TV or read on the Internet. These “shock quotes” the groups are saying are internalized and repeated by the masses.

Comparing someone to a Nazi invokes very specific emotions and these emotions are not exactly minor. This can not be underestimated. People, at the behest of these conservative clowns, are showing up at Democratic Town Hall Meetings in angry mobs. They drown out speakers with their chants and have even started fights.

There have also been incidents of burning effigies of Democratic representatives and death threats.

It is only a matter of time before something worse happens. These talk show hosts have to stop invoking thoughts of the Nazi movement, which have essentially incited mini riots.

Please take a moment to watch this news clip about these issues. I know it’s kind of long, but its interesting (and quite scary). Check out the first 5 minutes or so at least – it is shocking.

Nazism is Not a Metaphor


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7 responses to ““Nazism is not a Metaphor”

  1. J

    I love that they’re saying this about the elderly, yet even AARP is about to release a commercial urging people to support this reform

  2. I figured you’d be the only one to respond haha. I can’t believe how crazy people are.

  3. I wish “anti-crazy” was a real political party… it’s basically how I vote, after all.

  4. That’s such a perfect idea, I’m surprised it’s never been discussed before. We need to start the Anti-Crazy Party

  5. scarletdark

    I agree with you here. I join your party.

    I’ll tell you what really ticks me off about these anti-Health Care Plan people. They’re pissed that Obama is trying to standardize health care in a way that will stop them from being denied coverage simply because they are old or have pre-existing conditions, yet they are NOT pissed, for some reason, that their entire retirement rides on some bullshit 401k stock market investments. Why is no one standing up and fighting THAT?

    And I agree, people need to stop throwing around Nazi affiliation words like they’re any other negative catchphrase. If I were around during the Nazi era, I would be very offended by these people who think that a simple health care reform is the same thing as having people all over the world exterminated and burned in piles because of their religious views.

    I think Sarah Palin quit her job so she could become a full-time spreader of unnecessary mass hysteria. “Just sayin'”

  6. scarletdark – I couldn’t have said it any better. I don’t know what’s worse, the people who believe this bs, the people who created the bs or the Republicans that refuse to vote for reform just because Obama is a democrat.

  7. Where’s the “like” button?

    Let’s keep the crazy in bed, y’all.

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