Hootie Sans Blowfish


It’s been a crazy few weeks and I have lots to write about…most of which no one will care about.

I’m going to try and break this up as much as possible so the entries aren’t so long.

First up is my first Country experience. Two Thursdays ago, I went to the Family Circle Cup (normally a tennis venue) to see Darius Rucker.

My first real concert was Hootie & The Blowfish back in the summer of 1996. Darius Rucker was of course the lead singer of that friggen awesome band. Well, for those who don’t know, Rucker is now a country singer. I generally hate that genre of music, but I don’t mind some of his songs, so when I heard he was playing here in his hometown, I decided to check it out.

I met up with the Ex, CF, CF’s boyfriend, and My Hero’s Wife. Our seats were up pretty high, but the venue was small, so we could still see/hear just fine. It was raining early in the night and I was getting a little iffy about staying, but just as the opening band was ending, the skies cleared up. It only misted on and off the rest of the night.

Rucker put on a really good show and kept mentioning how happy he was to be back in Charleston. He played most of the songs on his country album, but also played three Hootie songs. The latter were the highlights of the night for me.

Despite the numerous Hicks/Hillbillies, wet weather, and lack of knowledge of the music, I still had a fun time. It was a nice warm-up for my final dmb trip of the year, which I embarked on the next day….


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2 responses to “Hootie Sans Blowfish

  1. I’m a country girl at heart, I think I’ve only heard a couple of Darrius’ country songs, but they’re pretty good from what I can remember.

    Glad you enjoyed the concert!


    P.S. I can’t believe your comment on my last post.

  2. Extremely Witty

    Oh please, like you expect any differnet from me. Besides, once you had a boyfriend your stories lacked that extra pop!

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