Family Circus

I was bummed that my awesome weekend in West Palm Beach was over, but my disappointment was short-lived as my family arrived in Charleston late on Sunday night. I was so excited to see them and what made their visit even better was the fact that I was on vacation during it. I didn’t have to miss out on any time with them.

The fam rented out a house near my apartment and it was incredibly nice. We didn’t spend much time hanging around their place though. We spend most of the time sight-seeing, going to the beach, and eating at various restaurants.

I was able to knock-out two new stops on my Charleston Tour, as well as visit some old favorites.

Behold, the bullet list.

Fort Sumter: I’ve been wanting to visit Fort Sumter for some time now. The first shots of the Civil War were fired at Fort Sumter, so it has a lot of historical significance. Fort Sumter is essentially an extremely tiny island that completely consists of the base. The base was heavily destroyed during the war and was still controlled by the military until the 1960s, so there was never any real recovery effort. Despite this, there are still many remaining pieces of history including cannons, original structures, and the American flag that flew during the initial battle. It was actually fairly interesting.
One of the best parts was the boat ride to and from the fort. We got to cruise through the Charleston Harbor on a beautiful day. You could see the Cooper River Bridge, the Battery, James Island, and other great sights. We saw a bunch of dolphins which was definitely a highlight. It was also fun to watch the Pelicans and seagulls dive bomb into the water after fish.

California Dreaming: Restaurant on the Ashley River. The place looks like a small castle and sits right on the water. There were huge windows facing the water, which provided for some great views. Otherwise the place wasn’t all that exciting.

Vickery’s On Shem Creek – I returned to this restaurant that overlooks Shem Creek. My family really seemed to enjoy it, so that made it that much better. After we ate we walked on the docks by the shrimping boats.

Noisy Oyster – We went to the location by Market Street downtown. I really like the open windows that face the street so you can see the Market and passing traffic, but the food was good too. I chowed down on some crab legs, which were damn good. I definitely want to back soon!

Sticky Fingers: My family always gets this when they come down and I don’t blame them. It’s a well known BBQ place that has delicious pulled pork, ribs, and wings.

Ye Olde Fashioned Ice Cream & Sandwich Cafe – This place is known for its greasy portions of diner-type food, but their ice cream is also quite popular. We stopped their for some ice cream during their visit.

Charleston Tea Plantation – It sound nerdy, but this place is actually kind of fun. This is the only tea plantation in America and they make a great product. The tour involves hopping on a trolley which brings you around the actual plantation then a quick walking tour through the factory. Our tour guide gave me some of the best advice I’ve ever heard “Start your day slow and taper off from there.”

We also went to Folly Beach a couple times, which was fun – mostly because I didn’t get burned for once. My dad was like a damn expert scuba diver out there. Every time he came back from the water he had seashells, hermit crabs, sand dollars, or starfish he found.

It was a great visit with the family and I was sad to see them go after their week was up. I really like my current home and I’m proud to show it off to them, but I do miss them a lot. I wish we were all in the same place, but I’m not ready to leave this awesome city.


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4 responses to “Family Circus

  1. Oh well, at least you’re in the same country 😛

  2. True. I really miss my family, but y’know… a 14 hour drive is worth it. haha. 🙂 How far away from your family are you?

  3. Driving – about 18 hours.
    Flight – I usually get home in a few hours (due to layovers, etc)

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